Series: TPD4E004

Part Number: TPD4E004


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Digi-Key 296-23618-1-ND 43969 $0.57 Buy
Digi-Key TPD4E004DRYRG4-ND 0 $0.18 Buy
Texas Instruments TPD4E004DRYR 119057 $0.37 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPD4E004DRYRG4 3574 $0.58 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-TPD4E004DRYR 17573 $0.58 Buy
Verical Marketplace TPD4E004DRYR 20000 $0.18 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPD4E004DRYR 20000 $0.48 Buy
Arrow Asia TPD4E004DRYR 5000 $0.18 Buy
Win Source TPD4E004DRYR 3000 $0.71 Buy
Utmel TPD4E004DRYR 95 $0.56 Buy
RS Components TPD4E004DRYR $4.39 Buy
Quest Components TPD4E004DRYR 6967 $4.86 Buy
Newark TPD4E004DRYR 345 $0.68 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TPD4E004DRYR $0.18 Buy
AVNET Express TPD4E004DRYRG4 $0.18 Buy
Arrow North American Components TPD4E004DRYRG4 0 $0.17 Buy
Farnell TPD4E004DRYR 9895 * $0.69 Buy
element14 APAC TPD4E004DRYR 9895 * $0.65 Buy
Verical Marketplace TPD4E004DRYRG4 10000 $0.20 Buy
AVNET Europe TPD4E004DRYR 20000 * $0.27 Buy
AVNET Express TPD4E004DRYR 1240 $0.15 Buy

TPD4E004 4-Channel ESD Protection Array for High-Speed Data Interfaces


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
Low-Cost Single/Dual-Phase Isolated Electricity Measurement Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-TWOPHASEMETER-I2040
Single-Phase Electric Meter with Isolated Energy Measurement Texas Instruments TIDM-METROLOGY-HOST
Single-Phase E-meter for Single-Chip Metrology, Using an AFE Texas Instruments TIDM-SINGLEPHASEMETER-AFE
IR Remote Control using IR BoosterPack and Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller Texas Instruments TIDM-BOOST-IR-REMOTE
SMBus Design Using Low Power Microcontroller Texas Instruments TIDM-SMBUS
16-button Inductive Keypad Reference Design Using the LDC1314 Inductance-to-Digital Converter Texas Instruments TIDA-00509
1-Degree Dial Reference Design Using the LDC1314 Inductance-to-Digital Converter Texas Instruments TIDA-00508
Low Cost: Small Solution Size Power Management Reference Design for CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi Texas Instruments TIDA-00534
Flyback High Voltage Piezo Driver Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00856
2-port 100GbE/40GbE/10GbE QSFP28 Signal Conditioner Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00427
12-Gbps Multi-Channel BERT Board Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00426
High Availability High Speed Counter (HSC) and Pulse Train Output (PTO) Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-HAHSCPTO
12-Gbps SDI and Video Over IP Repeater With Reclocking Function Texas Instruments TIDA-00428
Traffic Monitoring Object Detection and Tracking Reference Design Using mmWave Radar Sensor Texas Instruments TIDEP-0090
80m-Range Object Detection Reference Design With Integrated Single-Chip mmWave Sensor Texas Instruments TIDEP-0094

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
MSP-EXP430FR2433 Evaluation Modules & Boards MSP-EXP430FR2433
MSP430FR2355 LaunchPad Development Kit Evaluation Modules & Boards MSP-EXP430FR2355
C2000 Piccolo MCU F280049C LaunchPad Development Kit With InstaSPIN-FOC Design Kits & Evaluation Modules LAUNCHXL-F280049C