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Single-Phase Electric Meter with Isolated Energy Measurement


Electric meter developers often prefer to separate the energy measurement function from the host processor functions such as ANSI/IEC data tables: DLMS/COSEM: tariff management: and communications. This design demonstrates a method for keeping these meter functions separated by using an individual metrology processor and host processor. The firmware supplied with the design manages all of the required functions and synchronization between the processors. The design also demonstrates how to isolate communications between the two processors to achieve the necessary safety requirements. Finally: this design demonstrates a method for meter calibration using the USB interface on an MSP430 MCU. Engineers will be able to more quickly develop smart meters with isolated metrology functions by reusing this reference design.

  • Simplified meter calibration by using USB connection Isolated communications between metrology AFE and host MCU TI Energy Library for metrology calculates all energy measurement parameters Host MCU application controls on-board LCD and meter calibration Single-phase energy measurement achieves Class 0.2 accuracy Segment LCD on board
  • Power analyzer
  • DC power supply
  • AC source
  • electronic load
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CC2530 CC2530 Buy Datasheet
ISO7420 ISO7420 Buy Datasheet
ISO7421 ISO7421 Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE253 MSP430AFE253 Buy Datasheet
MSP430F6638 MSP430F6638 Buy Datasheet
TPD4E004 TPD4E004 Buy Datasheet

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