With over 9 million parts, electronics datasheets is the fastest growing database of electronics parts and datasheets in the industry. We provide designers electronic specifiers with the product information and tools they need to both improve accelerate the design process.

Parts are the key to the electronics industry and are introduced every month. Specifiers need quick, easy access to information on the parts they purchase and design with in order to drive innovation and bring their own electronics products to market.

  • Robust database includes over 9 million electronics parts across various product families
  • Compare parts to aid designers in choosing the right part for their design project
  • Unique data sheets library functionality allows you to both build lists of parts for specific projects and allows sharing either publicly or to other members of Electronics Data Sheets
  • Parts Watch keeps designers informed via email anytime a specified distributor inventory changes
  • New Product Alerts inform designers of new electronics parts entering the market

Why Advertise with Electronics Data Sheets?

Reach design engineers and specifiers while they search, select and purchase your products.

Advertising with us enables you to:

  • Target your customer, not an anonymous competitor masquerading as a sales lead!
  • Deliver deep contextual messaging to your target audience
  • Sell your products directly to prospective customers while they search for parts

Latest Parts


Texas Instruments

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Reference Designs


Texas Instruments

Tiny I2C-Controlled Single-Cell Charger Reference Design for Wearable Applications


Texas Instruments

60W USB Type C Car Charger Reference Design


Texas Instruments

Automotive Stand-Alone Gateway Reference Design with Ethernet and CAN