CN0583 Reference Design

Analog Devices Inc.

Multistandard Micropower Verified Smoke Detection System-on-Module


The CN0583 System-on-Module (SOM) is a state-of-the-art smoke detector reference design equipped with the ADPD188BI optical module. Employing a dual-wavelength technique with blue and infrared LEDs, the ADPD188BI efficiently detects smoke particles in the air by measuring the scattering of light. This reference design complies with the latest UL and EN standards, ensuring robust performance in diverse fire conditions. The SOM integrates a microcontroller, temperature sensor, and power regulators, facilitating standalone operation. With advanced algorithms, such as EVAL-CN0537-ALGO, the CN0583 SOM reduces false alarms and enhances detection accuracy, crucial for preventing fire-related fatalities. The system's power-efficient design, powered by a non-removable 10-year battery, aligns with evolving smoke detector regulations.

  • Integration of optoelectronics and analog front end in the ADPD188BI optical module.
  • Compatibility with UL 217, UL 268, EN 54-7, and EN 14604 standards.
  • Advanced algorithms (EVAL-CN0537-ALGO) for accurate fire detection.
  • System-on-Module design with castellated pins for versatile integration.
  • Power transfer ratio calculation for precise smoke response evaluation.
  • Temperature compensation for ambient temperature variations.
  • Ultralow power consumption for extended battery life.
  • Compliance with smoke detector regulations, including non-removable 10-year battery.
  • Residential and commercial smoke detection systems.
  • Integration into fire alarm and life safety systems.
  • Battery-powered smoke detectors.
  • Compliance testing for UL and EN standards.
  • Research and development in fire safety technologies.
Product Categories
  • Smoke Detection Systems
  • Fire Safety and Alarm Systems
  • Optical Sensor Modules
  • System-on-Module (SOM) Solutions
  • Microcontrollers for Fire Detection
  • Battery-Powered Electronic Devices


Part Number Name Companion Part
MAX31875R3TZS+T MAX31875R3TZS+T Buy Datasheet
ADP162AUJZ-3.0-R7 ADP162AUJZ-3.0-R7 Buy

Design File

Contains: Schematic, Bill of Materials, Gerber Files, Assembly Drawing, Allegro Project File

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