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Analog Comparators Ultra Fast ECL Single Comparator

The AD96685 and AD96687 are ultrafast voltage comparators. The AD96685 is a single comparator with a propagation delay of 2.5 ns, while the AD96687 is an equally fast dual comparator. Both devices exhibit a propagation delay dispersion of 50 ps, a crucial characteristic for high-speed comparators, indicating the difference in propagation delay under varying overdrive conditions.

Featuring a fast, high-precision differential input stage, these comparators maintain consistent propagation delay across a broad range of signals within the common-mode range from -2.5 V to +5 V. The outputs consist of complementary digital signals fully compatible with ECL 10 K and 10 KH logic families. These outputs provide ample drive current to directly interface with transmission lines terminated in 50 Ohms to -2 V. The inclusion of a level-sensitive latch input allows for tracking, track-hold, or sample-hold modes of operation.

Both the AD96685 and AD96687 are available in industrial temperature ranges (-25°C to +85°C) and military temperature ranges. Industrial range devices are offered in 16-pin DIP, SOIC, and 20-lead PLCC packages. Additionally, the AD96685 is available in a 10-pin TO-100 metal can.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast: 2.5 ns Propagation Delay
  • Low Power: 118 mW per Comparator
  • Packages: DIP, SOIC, PLCC
  • Power Supplies: +5 V, –5.2 V
  • Logic Compatibility: ECL
  • 50 ps Delay Dispersion


  • High Speed Triggers
  • High Speed Line Receivers
  • Threshold Detectors
  • Window Comparators
  • Peak Detectors