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Single-Phase E-meter for Single-Chip Metrology, Using an AFE


This design implements a highly-integrated electricity metering (e-meter) solution. An MSP430F6638 device handles the e-meter application layer, while an MSP430AFE253 is also used as an analog front end to handle the metrology. Hardware and software design files are provided to enable calculation of various parameters for single phase energy measurement, such as RMS current & voltage, active and reactive power and energies, powerfactor and frequency.

  • Low-power single-phase e-metering implementation
  • Calculate parameters such as RMS current & voltage, active and reactive power and energies, power factor & frequency.
  • Based on the highly-integrated MSP430F6638 and MSP430AFE253 MCUs of metering-focused MCU SoCs
  • Segmented LCD is also implemented in this design.
  • RF modules can also be added to this design to enable unique connectivity solutions.


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC2530 CC2530 Buy Datasheet
ISO7420 ISO7420 Buy Datasheet
ISO7421 ISO7421 Buy Datasheet
MSP430AFE253 MSP430AFE253 Buy Datasheet
MSP430F6638 MSP430F6638 Buy Datasheet
TPD4E004 TPD4E004 Buy Datasheet

User Guides

Title Updated Type Size (KB)
Implementation of a Single-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Using MSP430AFE2xx (Rev. A)10 May 2013Multiple Files 

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