TIDEP-0090 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Traffic Monitoring Object Detection and Tracking Reference Design Using mmWave Radar Sensor


The TIDEP-0090 reference design demonstrates how TI single-chip millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology can be used for robust, long-range sensing in traffic monitoring and other applications. The reference design uses the IWR1642BOOST evaluation module (EVM) and integrates a complete radar processing chain onto the IWR1642 device. The processing chain includes the analog radar configuration, analog-to-digital converter (ADC) capture, low-level FFT processing, and high-level clustering and tracking algorithms.

This reference design is intended to be built on top of the TI mmWave software development kit (SDK) for a cohesive software experience that includes APIs, libraries and tools for evaluation, development, and data visualization.

  • Demonstration of environmentally robust object detection, clustering, and tracking using TI single-chip mmWave sensor IWR1642
  • IWR1642 mmWave sensor pinpoints location of objects in 90° to 100° field of view over a range of 5 m to 70 m and up to 135 m
  • Measurement bandwidth of 76 GHz to 77 GHz
  • IWR1642 with integrated digital signal processor (DSP) to cluster objects and track their range and velocity over time
  • Based on proven EVM hardware designs enabling quick time to market and out of the box
  • IP Network Camera
  • Lighting Sensors
  • Motion Detector (PIR, uWave, etc.)
  • Radar for Transport
Product Categories
  • Sensing Products


Part Number Name Companion Part
IWR1642BOOST IWR1642BOOST Buy Datasheet
LM4040 LM4040 Datasheet
LP87524BRNFRQ1 LP87524BRNFRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TCAN1042HGVDQ1 TCAN1042HGVDQ1 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1294NCPDTI3 TM4C1294NCPDTI3 Buy Datasheet
TMP112 TMP112 Buy Datasheet
TPD4E004 TPD4E004 Buy Datasheet
TPS79601 TPS79601 Datasheet
TPS7A8101QD B Q1 TPS7A8101QD B Q1 Buy Datasheet
TPS7A8801RTJR TPS7A8801RTJR Buy Datasheet
XI1642QGABL XI1642QGABL Buy Datasheet

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