TIDEP-0094 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

80m-Range Object Detection Reference Design With Integrated Single-Chip mmWave Sensor


TI Design TIDEP-0094 provides a foundation to evaluate object detection using the IWR1642 evaluation module (EVM). This design integrates a complete radar processing chain onto the IWR1642 device to enable the estimation of the position (in the azimuthal plane) and the velocity of objects in its field of view up to 84 m. The software example is integrated and provided with the TI mmWave software development kit (SDK) for a cohesive software experience including APIs, libraries, and tools for evaluation, development, and data visualization.

  • Detect objects up to 84 m with range resolution of 37 cm
  • Antenna field of view ±60° with angular resolution of approximately 15°
  • Source code for fast Fourier transform (FFT) processing and detection provided by mmWave software development kit (SDK)
  • IWR1642 EVM demonstrates the design
  • Radar front-end and detection configuration fully explained
  • Drone Vision
  • Forklift
  • Humanoids
  • Industrial Robot Sensing Module
  • Logistics Robot Sensing Module
  • Radar for Transport
  • Robotic Lawn Mowers
  • Sensors for Agricultural Equipment
  • Vacuum Robots
Product Categories
  • Sensing Products


Part Number Name Companion Part
IWR1642BOOST IWR1642BOOST Buy Datasheet
LM4040 LM4040 Datasheet
LP87524BRNFRQ1 LP87524BRNFRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TCAN1042HGVDQ1 TCAN1042HGVDQ1 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1294NCPDTI3 TM4C1294NCPDTI3 Buy Datasheet
TPD4E004 TPD4E004 Buy Datasheet
TPS79601 TPS79601 Datasheet
TPS7A8101QDRBRQ1 TPS7A8101QDRBRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS7A8801RTJR TPS7A8801RTJR Buy Datasheet

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