TIDM-TWOPHASEMETER-I2040 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Low-Cost Single/Dual-Phase Isolated Electricity Measurement Reference Design


The design implements a low-cost single- or dual-phase electricity measurement solution. The design separates a small metrology MCU from the host MCU: providing both protection from the AC mains and also isolation of the energy measurement function from corruption by other software. The small: low-cost metrology MCU achieves IEC/ANSI Class 1 accuracy and calculates active and reactive power and energy. This design is implemented using Current Transformer sensors for single and dual-phase measurement. It can also be easily modified for single-phase measurement with shunt resistor sensors.

  • Low-cost single-/dual-phase electricity measurement with IEC/ANSI Class 1 accuracy4KV peak Isolation between metrology and host ensure Mains and the metrology subsystem are isolated from other subsystemsSmall 28-pin TSSOP package of metrology MCU reduces board space and simplifies layout to minimize PCB complexity.TI Energy Library firmware calculates all energy measurement parameters including active and reactive power and energy: RMS current and voltage: power factor: and line frequencyLow power consumption of metrology MCU reduces cost of power supply
  • Electricity meter
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