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Manufacturer of control equipment, factory automation systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, ticket vending machines and medical equipment.


Kyocera Corporation, the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of fine ceramics (also known as “advanced ceramics”). By combining these engineered materials with metals and integrating them with other technologies, Kyocera has become a leading supplier of industrial components, electronic devices, semiconductor packages, cutting tools, solar power generating systems, mobile phones and office document equipment, including printers and copiers. During the year ended March 31, 2016, the company’s net sales totaled 1.48 trillion yen (approx. USD13.1 billion). Kyocera appears on the “Top 100 Global Innovators” list by Clarivate Analytics and is ranked #531 on Forbes magazine’s 2016 “Global 2000” list of the world’s largest publicly traded companies.

Maxim Integrated

At Maxim, we invent highly integrated solutions that make technology
seamless. We channel our collective expertise to stretch the limits of
technology, understand your needs, and help you get to market faster.


Founded in 1977, the Yageo Corporation has become a world-class provider of passive components services with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Carling Technologies

Since the company was founded in 1920, there are few products that Carling Technologies hasn't turned "ON" and fewer industries that haven't turned to Carling for solutions. With five ISO and TS registered manufacturing facilities and technical sales offices worldwide, Carling now ranks among the world's largest, privately owned manufacturers of hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches, electronic switches, miniature and subminiature switches, power distribution units, digital switching systems and electronic controls.


With roots dating back to 1983, Conesys is an ISO 9001 and AS9100-certified, vertically integrated provider of circular and rectangular connectors including filter and transient protection connectors, mil-spec circular connectors, fiber optic termini, copper and fiber interconnect systems, specialty cable assemblies and application specific connectors.


Panduit was born from innovation. In 1955 we launched our first product, Panduct Wiring Duct, a new invention that uniquely organized control panel wiring and allowed new wires to be added quickly and neatly. Since that time Panduit has introduced thousands of problem solving new products and remained committed to providing innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions.

NIC Components Corporation

NIC Components Corporation [ ™], in association with Nippon Industries Co. Ltd is a designer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of passive components.

OMEGA Engineering Limited

Omega Engineering is a company specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of process measurement and control instruments. Omega Engineering offers a wide range of high-quality products and solutions for industries requiring precise monitoring and control of various variables.

Their extensive product catalogue encompasses a diverse range of industrial sensors, transducers, controllers, meters, and other instrumentation devices. These products are designed to measure and regulate crucial parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, level, flow, and pH in industrial processes.

Stackpole Electronics

Stackpole Electronics is a leading global supplier of resistive components including Thick and Thin Film Surface Mount resistors, Axial Leaded and Wirewound resistors, Current Sense resistors, Varistors, Inductors and various Power Resistors.

FCI Connectors UK

FCI Electronics is an international connector and cable assembly solutions manufacturer of Backplane Connectors, Power Solutions, Board/Wire to Board Connectors, Input/Output Connectors, Optical Interconnect, Cable Assemblies, Terminal Blocks and Flex Connectors.

Rochester Electronics

Headquartered in Newburyport, MA just south of the New Hampshire border, Rochester Electronics is the world's most comprehensive solution for mature and end-of-life semiconductors. With a corporate campus comprised of the Headquarters and a manufacturing building, as well as several distribution facilities, Rochester also has an international presence with sales offices in Europe, Germany, China and Japan.

Rochester Electronics is the only manufacturer that is dedicated to ongoing support of critically needed semiconductors for the entire lifecycle. No other company offers the breadth and depth of products and services that Rochester offers.


3M operates in various sectors including industrial, healthcare, consumer, safety and graphics and electronics.

3M offers a broad range of innovative products and solutions that cater to the needs of electronic manufacturers and professionals. Some key areas of focus within its electronics division include:

Electronic Materials: 3M provides a wide range of materials used in electronic manufacturing processes. This includes adhesives, tapes, films, coatings, and other materials that contribute to the assembly, protection and performance of electronic components and devices.

Interconnect Solutions: 3M provides a wide variety of interconnect solutions, including connectors, cables, and cable assemblies, designed to establish reliable electrical connections between components and systems.

Display and Touch Solutions: 3M develops display enhancement films, touch systems, and other solutions for electronic displays. These technologies enhance visual clarity, reduce glare, and enable touch interaction in applications such as smartphones, tablets, monitors, and digital signage.

Thermal Management: 3M offers thermal management solutions designed to dissipate heat efficiently and enhance the reliability and performance of electronic devices. These solutions include thermal interface materials, adhesives, tapes, and cooling products.

EMI/EMC Solutions: 3M provides products for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) management. These solutions help mitigate interference and ensure compliance with regulatory standards for electronic devices and systems.

Murata Electronics (UK) Ltd.

Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices is a global semiconductor company specialising in the design and manufacturing of analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits. The company provides a wide variety of products and solutions for various industries and applications.

The company's focus is on delivering advanced semiconductor solutions that bridge the gap between physical and digital realms.

Analog Devices offers a diverse portfolio of products and solutions that encompass signal processing, data conversion, sensor interfaces, power management, communication systems, industrial automation and more.

The company's signal processing solutions include signal conditioning, filtering, amplification, and modulation/demodulation of analog signals. These solutions enhance signal quality and accuracy, as well as facilitating the integration of analog and digital systems for various applications.

Analog Devices design high-speed, high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) for precise data conversion. The company's ability to accurately convert analog signals into digital signals supports applications such as sensor data acquisition, audio/video processing, and wireless communication systems.

Analog Devices' sensor interface solutions convert sensor outputs, such as temperature, pressure, light, sound, or motion, into digital data, enabling precise measurement and control.

Their power management solutions focus on regulating and controlling voltages, currents, and power distribution in electronic systems.

Analog Devices' portfolio of communication systems includes solutions for wireless communications, telecommunications and networking applications. 

The company also provides industrial-grade ICs which enable precise measurement, control and automation of physical variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, and position. This results in enhanced productivity, efficiency, and safety in industrial processes.

Click here to read the latest news from Analog Devices.

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS Europe BV)

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) has been in business over 25 years as a leading-edge engineering/manufacturing company focused on the thermal management of electronics. Founded in 1989 as a consulting company, ATS has evolved to a complete thermal solutions provider and is world renowned for its portfolio of more than 5,000 high- and ultra-performance heat sinks, research-quality test equipment, and leading-edge R&D. In the interval of three years, ATS has established its own manufacturing center in the U.S. and developed strategic partnerships with Asian manufacturers. As ATS has significantly increased its customer base, its product offerings have also expanded to include Advanced Fan Trays, Liquid Cooling Solutions, Heat Pipes, and Next-Generation Thermal Test Instruments.

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Three focused areas of technology expertise attest to the strength of Renesas.

Microcontrollers - System LSIs - Analog and Power Devices The synergy of our three product segments enables us to provide rapid, optimum solutions.

With a base of high-quality research and development, an advanced design development platform environment, and wide-ranging manufacturing technologies, Renesas Electronics provides competitive products in the areas of microcontrollers, system LSIs, plus analog and power devices. With the world's largest microcontroller market share as the driving force, we are expanding our system LSI business worldwide, to strengthen business and customer relationships in developing countries, and to expand our capabilities into new markets such as green solutions. As a reliable partner, we commit to providing highly competitive products and rapid, optimum solutions that cater to the needs of our customers worldwide.


Abracon Corporation is a global manufacturer of frequency control, signal conditioning, clock distribution and magnetic components. Abracon offers a wide selection of Quartz Crystals, Crystal and MEMS Oscillators, Real Time Clocks, Bluetooth Modules, Ceramic Resonators, SAW Filters and Resonators, Inductors, Transformers and Circuit Protection Components.

CTS Valpey

CTS Valpey offers a complete line of timing solutions, precision crystal oscillators, and ultrasonic transducers.

CTS Valpey’s products are organized into two unique groups:

    Frequency Control – Timing and synchronization solutions for optical networking, wireless infrastructure, avionics, test and measurement, and military.
    Ultrasound – Ultrasonic transducers used in non-destructive testing, flaw detection, thickness gauging, and refractive crack detection.

CTS Valpey is an ISO9001:2008 approved organization with its research, engineering and manufacturing facility in Hopkinton, MA.

NXP Semiconductors N.V.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. A global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25 countries, NXP posted revenue of $4.2 billion in 2011.

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