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Abbatron, located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, has 26,000 square feet of assembly, packaging, and warehousing space. Abbatron is structured to serve it’s customer with competitive delivery of high quality hardware and connectors, high end audio products, and custom capabilities. Over 2,000 products are advertised and actively supported by our strong authorized distributors and by planned production at the factory. Customers have a direct line to Abbatron Sales and customer service. Call our factory today to ask your Customer Service Representative for a stock check and delivery status.


For over fifteen years, Abbotec has been a supplier of connector nutplates for both military and automotive applications. Precision built, using only top quality PEM® fasteners, Abbotec Nutplates provide significant labor savings when used to hold locknuts in place while installing flanged electrical connectors, motors, synchros, instruments and/or shock mounts. Designed as a means to aid in the installation of mil-spec electrical connectors, Abbotec nutplates meet all of the configuration requirements of MIL-C-85528.



Abekas designs, manufactures, sells, and supports a complete line of professional HD/SD digital video/audio equipment. The Abekas product line includes: digital video/audio production servers; digital video/audio delay machines for live-broadcast profanity elimination; digital video/audio disk recorders; digital video special effects systems; and digital video/audio editing equipment.

ABI Electronics Ltd

ABI Electronics Ltd is a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment as well as a renowned contract electronics manufacturer. ABI products are designed and manufactured at its premises in the UK and exported all over the world thanks to an active distribution network throughout Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

ABL Components

ABL Aluminium Components specialises in the fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium extrusions. The company was set up over 30 years ago and operates from a 5000m2 facility in Birmingham, just 5 miles from Birmingham airport and the motorway network.

ABL Aluminium Components is privately owned with a turnover of around £4m and a skilled workforce of around 60 employees. The business adopts a very high customer service ethic which it brings to the various market sectors it serves.

Able Systems Ltd

Founded in 1982, Able has grown to become a world leading supplier of mini-printers bringing genuine innovation to this industry through an approach built upon challenge, insight and technical expertise.

We work across all commercial sectors ranging from industrial and medical through to retail and transport and deliver outstanding customer service across the globe.


Inheriting the Seiko Instruments Inc. semiconductor business and continuing to evolve, ABLIC Inc. is a maker of analog semiconductors.


Abracon Corporation is a global manufacturer of frequency control, signal conditioning, clock distribution and magnetic components. Abracon offers a wide selection of Quartz Crystals, Crystal and MEMS Oscillators, Real Time Clocks, Bluetooth Modules, Ceramic Resonators, SAW Filters and Resonators, Inductors, Transformers and Circuit Protection Components.

Abracon Corporation

Abracon is a leading global manufacturer of passive and electromechanical timing, synchronization, power, connectivity and RF solutions. With a broad portfolio of quartz crystals, crystal and MEMS oscillators, real time clocks, power inductors, IoT antennas and more, Abracon helps engineers transform their ideas into products that meet the opportunities of tomorrow. The company is ISO9001-2015 certified.


Since 1924 ABUS provides the good feeling of security worldwide. As a German quality manufacturer we ensure that our products are highly reliable and offer a long service life while being easy to operate. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS  provides a large product range of innovative security solutions in the areas of security at home, mobile security and commercial security. The ABUS group comprises the companies ABUS August Bremicker Söhne KG, ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG and ABUS Pfaffenhain GmbH with around 3,500 employees worldwide.

AC Electronics

AC Electronics is an Arlington, Texas-based company specializing in LED Power Designs and Electronic Ballasts. Our ISO-9002 certified manufacturing capabilities provide our customers global quality assurance in every LED power supply or ballast we sell.

ACAL Technology Limited

"Acal BFi- providing a unique combination of leading-edge technologies and custom solutions"


Acal BFi offer custom, cost-effective solutions to help you fulfil your project. With their wealth of technology expertise, they provide expert technical support and guidance at every stage of your design. Working closely with world-leading suppliers, Acal BFi act as your design partner, working with you on your design challenges and helping you make informed product decisions that are most suitable for your application.










ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones manufacture silicone in many forms, RTV adhesive, sealant, moulding rubber, gels and fluids. We provide technical support for all ACC Silicone products supplied into mainland Europe and the Middle East. ACC Silicones is part of the ICM Products Group and manufacture silicone materials in the UK, Italy, USA and China.

Accutek Microcircuit Corporation

Accutek Microcircuit Corporation was founded in 1986 by one of the originators of the SIM and SIP DRAM Modules. Accutek specializes in designing and manufacturing space-saving microelectronic modules for electronic PC boards, enabling our customers to fit more functionality into small packages. Our engineers excel at micro circuitry design challenged by the demand to condense circuitry to fit ever-smaller PC boards.

ACE Associated Computer Experts

ACE Associated Computer Experts Founded in 1975, ACE Associated Computer Experts is one of the world's longest active, independent, employee-owned IT companies, supplying advanced system software products and know-how.

Ace Technology Co. Ltd

Ace Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2001, in Taiwan as an IC fabless design company specialising in electronics components for power management and memory products.

Application Areas:
Note book
Digital Still Camera
Networked Communication
Large Flat Panel Display

Product datasheets:
Voltage Detector
Boost DC DC Converter
Buck DC/DC Converter
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Low Dropout Voltage Regulator (Bipolar)
Adjustable Shunt Regulator
USB Current Limit
Battery Charger
Low Power Real-Time Clock (RTC)


"ACEINNA's sensing solutions are based on proven technologies that are enabling hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide, in aplications from aerospace to automotive. They deliver state of the art, next generation sensing at scale."

ACEINNA, Inc. is a leading MEMS based sensing solutions company, focusing on the development of innovative Inertial Measurement Unit  and current sensing technologies that are essential to next generation cars, robots and other autonomous applications. Their product lines cover MHz bandwidth Magneto-Resistance  based electric current sensors, high-performance open source IMUs, Real Time Kinematic  navigation systems, and centimeter-precision positioning services.

ACL Inc.

For more than 40 years, ACL, Inc. has been developing innovative products to control and eliminate static. The brand name Staticide® has become synonymous with reliable and cost-effective static protection.

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Texas Instruments

Universal data concentrator reference design supporting Ethernet: 6LoWPAN RF mesh and more


Texas Instruments

Automotive RFCMOS 77GHz radar module reference design with object data output over dual CAN-FD


Texas Instruments

High fidelity: near-field two-way audio reference design with noise reduction and echo cancellation