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Application Notes

K-Factor Test-Board Design Impact On Thermal Impedance Measurements (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments
Thermal impedance (junction to ambient) is one of several indices reported to reflect the thermal performance of a package. This document shows the impact of the wind-tunnel k-factor test-board design parameters on thermal impedance results. It presents a software modelling approach using the THEATACAL software package. The design and results are provided with an analysis of the variance. Verifica

FilterPro™ MFB and Sallen-Key Low-Pass Filter Design Program User Guide (Rev. C)

Texas Instruments
FilterPro™ MFB and Sallen-Key Low-Pass Filter Design Program User Guide

AN-262 Applying Dual and Quad FET Op Amps (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments
The availability of dual and quad packaged FET op amps offers the designer all the traditional capabilitiesof FET op amps including low bias current and speed and some additional advantages. The cost-peramplifieris lower because of reduced package costs. This means that more amplifiers are available toimplement a function at a given cost making design easier. At the same time the availab

Parallelizing and Optimizing a Simulator Kernel on a Multi-DSP Architecture

Texas Instruments
This application report describes the parallelization and optimization of a hydraulic simulator kernel on a Texas Instruments (TI?) TMS320C40 multi-DSP (digital signal processor) platform. Research is

A DSP/BIOS PCM3002 codec Device Driver for the TMS320C6416 TEB (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments
A DSP/BIOS PCM3002 codec Device Driver for the TMS320C6416 TEB Application Report

Using the TPS767D325 LDO Regulator

Texas Instruments
The new dual low-drop-out (LDO) regulators on the TPS767D325 are custom designed to supply the latest DSP core and I/O system supply voltages. But the LDO regulators on this IC meet more than their new voltage requirements; specifically they enable faster supply current transient capability. This family of LDOs also includes the TPS767D318 and TPS767D301. This new family of 2-A regulators also ac

Bluetopia for RF3 Integration

Texas Instruments
This document is intended to show the integration into and operation of the Bluetopia® Bluetooth™ Protocol Stack and Profiles within the bounds of the eXpressDSP software Reference Framework Level 3 (RF3). This integration incorporates a serial transport layer and Stonestreet One?s (SS1) existing Bluetopia core stack and Hands-Free and Headset profiles IP with the framework defined by RF

DLP™ System Optics Application Note

Texas Instruments

This application note describes typical architectures for optical systems employing a single DMD device for projection applications, primarily for small portable projectors. Pros and cons of architectures are discussed in general terms. Front- and rear screen applications are discussed briefly. Techniques and trades for maximizing critical system performance parameters, defined by the application, are discussed. Unique considerations for DMD devices in optical systems are addressed. A general discussion of image quality and specific design metrics for acceptable performance is included.

Note the majority of this document describes the use of the DMD in a projection optical system, and the DMD is designed with this application in mind. However, there are many other ways to use the DMD to manage and steer light energy. This document addresses some of the non-projection applications briefly, but cannot anticipate all uses.

TI ESD Protection Devices and the HDMI CTS

Texas Instruments
TI ESD Protection Devices and the HDMI CTS TI ESD Protection Devices and the HDMI CTS

TMS320C80 Frame Buffer

Texas Instruments
The TMS320C80 ('C80) is a 32-bit multiprocessor digital signal processor (DSP) that provides direct support of two independent frame memories through on-chip controllers. This document presents a 4M-byte video random access memory (VRAM) based frame buffer interface to the 'C80 DSP. An in-depth discussion of the hardware interface for the frame buffer card palette a VRAM overview and information

TPS61042 White Light LED Driver Boost Converter (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments
Although designed to be a white light LED driver, the TPS61042 can be configured as a hysteretically controlled boost converter operating in discontinuous mode.

Migrating from the USCI Module to the eUSCI Module (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments
The purpose of this application report is to enable easy migration for designs based on the USCI_A and USCI_B modules to the eUSCI_A and the eUSCI_B modules. The document highlights the new features in the eUSCI module and the main differences between the USCI and the eUSCI modules.

A Practical Application of the TMS320C54x Host Port Interface (HPI)

Texas Instruments
The host port interface (HPI) is an 8/16-bit parallel port used to interface a host processor or device to the Texas Instruments (TI)(tm) TMS320C54x digital signal processor (DSP). The HPI enables a glueless interface with host processors containing single or dual data strobes in addition to separate or multiplexed address and data buses. This application report presents a hardware interface and t

UART Bootloader for Hercules RM46 MCU

Texas Instruments
This application report describes how to communicate with the Hercules™ UART bootloader. The UART bootloader is a small piece of code that can be programmed at the beginning of Flash to act as an application loader as well as an update mechanism for applications running on a Hercules Cortex™-R4 based RM46 microcontroller.

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