CEDV Algorithm Update to the bq2084-V133 and Above

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/26/2005


This document discusses the Compensated End of Discharge Voltage (CEDV) algorithm update to the bq2084-V133 and later versions.


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ2084DBTR-V140 BQ2084DBTR-V140 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084DBTR-V140G4 BQ2084DBTR-V140G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084DBTR-V143 BQ2084DBTR-V143 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084DBTR-V143G4 BQ2084DBTR-V143G4 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084RTTT-V140 BQ2084RTTT-V140 Buy Datasheet
BQ2084RTTT-V140G4 BQ2084RTTT-V140G4 Buy Datasheet