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Series: TMS320C50

Part Number: TMS320C50PGE80


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TMS320 - Digital Signal Processor, 16-Bit Size, 16-Ext Bit, 80MHz, PQFP144


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Digital Monopulse Doppler Radar and DSP Teaching Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
DSP-Based Handprinted Character Recognition Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Searching for the Best Quadriphase Codes Using the TMS320C50 DSK Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Designing Teaching Materials for DSPs Based on the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Software Coding Guidelines for TMS320C5x Developers Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
A PCMCIA TMS320 DSP MediaCard for Sound and Fax/Modem Applications Texas Instruments 03/01/1995
Designing an Audioprocessor for Automobiles With the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Viterbi Implementation on the TMS320C5x for V.32 Modems Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Equalization Concepts: A Tutorial Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Calculation Of TMS320C5x Power Dissipation Texas Instruments 04/01/1993
Automated Dialing of Cellular Telephones Using Speech Recognition Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Teaching DSP Through the Practical Case Study of an FSK Modem Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
U.S. Digital Cellular Error-Correction Coding Algorithm on TMS320C5x DSPs Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
A DSP GMSK Modem for Mobitex and Other Wireless Infrastructures Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Designing an Echo Canceller System Using the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Developing Secure Communication Systems Using the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Theory & Implemention of Digital Cellular Std Voice Coder: VSELP on TMS320C5x Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
A Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Phase Advance Actuator Based on the TMS320C50 Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Digital Voice Echo Canceller Implementation on the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Single Channel Active Adaptive Noise Canceller with the TMS320C50 Starter Kit Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
Channel Equalization for the IS-54 Digital Cellular System With the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Speaker Independent Speech Recognition on the TMS320C2x and TMS320C5x DSPs Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
V.34 Transmitter and Receiver Implementation on the TMS320C50 DSP Texas Instruments 06/30/1997
Design of Active Noise Control Systems With the TMS320 Family Texas Instruments 06/01/1996
Front-End Processing for Monopulse Doppler Radar Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Telecommunications Applications With the TMS320C5x Texas Instruments 03/01/1994
Interfacing the TLV1544 Analog-to-Digital Converter to the TMS320C50 DSP (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 12/28/1998
Linking C Data Objects Separate from the .bss Section Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
Setting Up TMS320 DSP Interrupts in 'C' Texas Instruments 11/01/1994
Improving 32-Channel DTMF Decoders in PBX Systems Using the TMS320C5x DSP Texas Instruments 06/01/1996