V.34 Transmitter and Receiver Implementation on the TMS320C50 DSP

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 06/30/1997


This application report presents the design of an efficient V.34 transmitter and receiver pair. The algorithms behind the advanced encoding and decoding schemes of the V.34 recommendation are described and the assembly language functions that implement these algorithms are referenced. The entire assembly language source code of the project is provided with full documentation of the details of the


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320C50PGE TMS320C50PGE Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PGE57 TMS320C50PGE57 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PGE80 TMS320C50PGE80 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PQ57 TMS320C50PQ57 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PQA57 TMS320C50PQA57 Buy Datasheet