A DSP GMSK Modem for Mobitex and Other Wireless Infrastructures

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 10/01/1994


Mobitex a packetized wireless 900MHz wide area network (WAN) allows mobile/portable subscribers to transfer data including e-mail through the growing national and international network infrastructures. This document describes Mobitex DSP modems their characteristics and modulator design. The GMSK demodulator design is also presented.


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320C25FNA TMS320C25FNA Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25FNAR TMS320C25FNAR Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25FNL TMS320C25FNL Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25FNL33 TMS320C25FNL33 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25FNLR TMS320C25FNLR Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25FNLW TMS320C25FNLW Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25GBA TMS320C25GBA Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25GBL TMS320C25GBL Buy Datasheet
TMS320C25PHL TMS320C25PHL Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PGE TMS320C50PGE Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PGE57 TMS320C50PGE57 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PGE80 TMS320C50PGE80 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PQ57 TMS320C50PQ57 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C50PQA57 TMS320C50PQA57 Buy Datasheet