Texas Instruments

Series: TMS320C25

Part Number: TMS320C25GBL


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Quest Components TMS320C25GBL 7 $218.75 Buy
Verical Marketplace TMS320C25GBL 270 $161.44 Buy
AVNET Express TMS320C25GBL $238.18 Buy
Freelance TMS320C25GBL 8 Buy
AVNET Europe TMS320C25GBL * $257.07 Buy

DSP Fixed-Point 16-Bit 40MHz 10MIPS 68-Pin CPGA


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Adaptive Filters With TMS320C25 or TMS320C30 ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
An Implementation of a Software UART Using the TMS320C25 (Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments 03/01/1990
Interfacing the TLC2543 ADC to the TMS320C25 DSP Texas Instruments 02/25/1997
Automated Dialing of Cellular Telephones Using Speech Recognition Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
A DSP GMSK Modem for Mobitex and Other Wireless Infrastructures Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Interfacing the TLC32040 Family to the TMS320 Family (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 01/01/1988
Speaker Independent Speech Recognition on the TMS320C2x and TMS320C5x DSPs Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Sensorless Control of a Trapezoidal Brushless DC Motor Using the TMS320C25 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Engine Knock Detection Using Spectral Analysis With TMS320C25 or TMS320C30 DSPs Texas Instruments 01/01/1995
Design of Active Noise Control Systems With the TMS320 Family Texas Instruments 06/01/1996
Implementing Field-Oriented Control of AC Motors with the TMS320C25 DSP Texas Instruments 07/01/1997
Setting Up TMS320 DSP Interrupts in 'C' Texas Instruments 11/01/1994
TMS320 Hardware Applications ( Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments 10/01/1997
Transmission of Still and Moving Images Over Narrowband Channels Texas Instruments 02/01/1994
TMS320C25 Logical Shifts in Parallel With ALU Operations Texas Instruments 06/01/1997
8 X 8 Discrete Cosine Transforms on TMS320C25/TMS320C30 (Contains Scanned Text) Texas Instruments 10/01/1994
Minimizing Quantization Effects Using the TMS320 DSP Family Texas Instruments 07/01/1994