Powering Cortex™-M4 MCUs Using the High Efficiency DCS-Control™ Topology

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02/03/2013


The new Tiva C Series ARM® Cortex™–M4 family of versatile microcontrollers provides prolific connectivity peripherals, such as the industry's first integrated Ethernet MAC and PHY, advanced analog integration and hardware floating-point performance. The TM4C123x and TM4C129x family of microcontrollers can be configured to operate in different power modes such as hibernation mode, deepsleep mode, sleep mode and run mode to optimize the balance between power consumption and performance to suit a wide range of end-applications. High-efficiency at both very low power consumption (deep-sleep mode and hibernation mode) and high performance (run mode at full system clock speed) has become indispensable for modern applications. Moreover, in handheld, battery-operated applications that simultaneously connect, communicate and control, high-efficiency power management is imperative to extend the battery stand-by time. This application report presents an ultra-low IQ (4.8 μA) power supply solution for Tiva C Series devices using the TPS62177, a high efficiency synchronous step-down DC-DC converter, based on the DCS-Control (Direct Control with Seamless Transition into Power Save Mode) topology. The TPS62177 interfaces seamlessly with Tiva C Series devices' low power modes, meeting the power requirements of embedded systems driven from 2- to 6-cell lithium batteries, as well as USB ports and higher voltage AC adaptors.


Part Number Name Companion Part
TM4C1230C3PMI7R TM4C1230C3PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C1230E6PMI7 TM4C1230E6PMI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1231C3PMI7R TM4C1231C3PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C1231H6PGEI7 TM4C1231H6PGEI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1232C3PMI7R TM4C1232C3PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123BH6PGEI7 TM4C123BH6PGEI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123BH6PGEI7R TM4C123BH6PGEI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123BH6PMI7R TM4C123BH6PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123FE6PMI7R TM4C123FE6PMI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123FH6PMI7 TM4C123FH6PMI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GE6PMI7 TM4C123GE6PMI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GE6PZT7R TM4C123GE6PZT7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGEI7 TM4C123GH6PGEI7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGEI7R TM4C123GH6PGEI7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGET7 TM4C123GH6PGET7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGET7R TM4C123GH6PGET7R Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PMT7 TM4C123GH6PMT7 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1292NCPDTI3 TM4C1292NCPDTI3 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1292NCPDTT3R TM4C1292NCPDTT3R Buy Datasheet
TM4C1294NCPDTT3R TM4C1294NCPDTT3R Buy Datasheet
TM4C1297NCZADI3R TM4C1297NCZADI3R Buy Datasheet
TM4C1297NCZADT3 TM4C1297NCZADT3 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1299KCZADT3 TM4C1299KCZADT3 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1299NCZADT3 TM4C1299NCZADT3 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1299NCZADT3R TM4C1299NCZADT3R Buy Datasheet
TM4C129ENCPDTT3 TM4C129ENCPDTT3 Buy Datasheet
TM4C129XNCZADT3 TM4C129XNCZADT3 Buy Datasheet
TPS62175DQCR TPS62175DQCR Buy Datasheet
TPS62175DQCT TPS62175DQCT Buy Datasheet
TPS62177DQCR TPS62177DQCR Buy Datasheet
TPS62177DQCT TPS62177DQCT Buy Datasheet