AN086 -- Using CC2591 Front End with CC2530 and CC2531 (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 12/16/2009


This application note is targeted designers of RF systems with CC2530/CC2531 and the CC2591 RF Power Amplifier (PA). It describes how to implement the CC2530 and the CC2591 in the same design. It fur


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC2531F128RHAR CC2531F128RHAR Buy Datasheet
CC2531F128RHAT CC2531F128RHAT Buy Datasheet
CC2531F256RHAR CC2531F256RHAR Buy Datasheet
CC2590RGVR CC2590RGVR Buy Datasheet
CC2590RGVRG4 CC2590RGVRG4 Buy Datasheet
CC2591RGVR CC2591RGVR Buy Datasheet
CC2591RGVRG4 CC2591RGVRG4 Buy Datasheet
CC2591RGVT CC2591RGVT Buy Datasheet