Texas Instruments

Series: CC2531

Part Number: CC2531F128RHAR


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Digi-Key 2156-CC2531F128RHAR-ND 5000 $0.00 Buy
Texas Instruments CC2531F128RHAR 2500 $6.85 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-CC2531F128RHAR 0 $4.80 Buy
Rochester Electronics CC2531F128RHAR 5000 $4.42 Buy
Arrow North American Components CC2531F128RHAR 0 $3.31 Buy
Newark CC2531F128RHAR $8.16 Buy
Farnell CC2531F128RHAR * $4.99 Buy
AVNET Europe CC2531F128RHAR * $4.99 Buy
AVNET Express CC2531F128RHAR 5000 $4.38 Buy

CC2531-RF4CE Second Generation System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / RF4CE / ZigBee


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
DN000 - Design Note Overview (Rev. T) Texas Instruments 10/12/2011
DN041 -- Using CC253X or CC254X with Dipole PCB Antenna Texas Instruments 01/24/2013
DN117 -- SimpliciTI-compatible UART Driver Texas Instruments 09/22/2009
AN060 - Security on TI IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant RF Devices (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 08/18/2009
AN118 -- Flash programming of CC253x/4x devices Texas Instruments 09/05/2012
AN071 -- CC2430 to CC2530 Migration Guide Texas Instruments 04/29/2009
AN058 -- Antenna Selection Guide (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 10/06/2010
DN112 -- Using UART in CC111xFx CC243x CC251xFx and CC253xFx (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 08/11/2009
RemoTI? Capacitive Touch Sensing (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 12/16/2014
DN037 -- Measurement Results for Combined CC2530 and CC2590 Solution Texas Instruments 07/28/2011
DN116 -- Clearing Module Interrupt Flags in LPW SoC Devices Texas Instruments 08/03/2009
AN111 - Using RF6505 Front End Module with CC2530 under FCC 15.247 Texas Instruments 11/18/2011
AN107 - Murata Balun for CC253x and CC254x, LFB182G45BG2D280 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 10/26/2011
AN086 -- Using CC2591 Front End with CC2530 and CC2531 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 12/16/2009
CC2530 FAQ (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 07/12/2009
AN081 -- Johanson Technology Balun Optimized for CC253X, CC254X, CC257X, CC853X (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 11/06/2012
DN034 -- YAGI 2.4 GHz PCB Antenna Texas Instruments 10/14/2010
DN035 -- Antenna Quick Guide (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 02/12/2013
AN084 - RemoTI SimpleConsole Application (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 03/12/2013
DN031 -- CC-Antenna-DK Documentation and Antenna Measurements Summary Texas Instruments 08/26/2010
AN078 -- TIMAC and Z-Stack Modifications for using CC2591 RF Front End with CC2 Texas Instruments 11/09/2009
DN113 CC111xFx CC243xFx CC251xFx CC253xFx SPI Interface (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 08/11/2009

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
CC Antenna Development Kit Development Kits CC-ANTENNA-DK
CC2530ZDK-ZLL Development Kits CC2530ZDK-ZLL
CC2531EMK Daughter Cards CC2531EMK