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The IWR6843 is an integrated single chip mmWave sensor based on FMCW radar technology capable of operation in the 60-GHz to 64-GHz band. It is built with TI’s low power 45-nm RFCMOS process and enables unprecedented levels of integration in an extremely small form factor. The IWR6843 is an ideal solution for low power, self-monitored, ultra-accurate radar systems in the industrial space.


  • FMCW Transceiver
    • Integrated PLL, Transmitter, Receiver, Baseband, and A2D
    • 60- to 64-GHz Coverage With 4-GHz Continuous Bandwidth
    • Four Receive Channels
    • Three Transmit Channels
    • Ultra-Accurate Chirp Engine Based on Fractional-N PLL
    • TX Power: 10 dBm
    • RX Noise Figure:
      • 14 dB
    • Phase Noise at 1 MHz:
      • –92 dBc/Hz
  • Built-in Calibration and Self-Test
    • ARM® Cortex®-R4F-Based Radio Control System
    • Built-in Firmware (ROM)
    • Self-calibrating System Across Frequency and Temperature
  • C674x DSP for Advanced Signal Processing
  • Hardware Accelerator for FFT, Filtering, and CFAR Processing
  • ARM R4F Microcontroller for Object Detection, and Interface Control
    • Supports Autonomous Mode (Loading User Application from QSPI Flash Memory)
  • Internal Memory with ECC
    • 1.75 MB, Divided into MSS Program RAM (512 KB), MSS Data RAM (192 KB), DSP L1 RAM (64KB) and L2 RAM (256 KB), and L3 Radar Data Cube Ram (768 KB)
    • Technical Reference Manual Includes Allowed Size Modifications
  • Other Interfaces Available to User Application
    • Up to 6 ADC Channels (Low Sample Rate Monitoring)
    • Up to 2 SPI Ports
    • Up to 2 UARTs
    • 1 CAN-FD Interface
    • I2C
    • GPIOs
    • 2 Lane LVDS Interface for Raw ADC Data and Debug Instrumentation
  • SIL-2 Targeted
  • Power Management
    • Built-in LDO Network for Enhanced PSRR
    • I/Os Support Dual Voltage 3.3 V/1.8 V
  • Clock Source
    • 40.0 MHz Crystal with Internal Oscillator
    • Supports External Oscillator at 40 MHz
    • Supports Externally Driven Clock (Square/Sine) at 40 MHz
  • Easy Hardware Design
    • 0.65-mm Pitch, 161-Pin 10.4 mm × 10.4 mm Flip Chip BGA Package for Easy Assembly and Low-Cost PCB Design
    • Small Solution Size
  • Operating Conditions:
    • Junction Temperature Range of –40ºC to 105ºC


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