TIDEP-01010 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Area scanner using mmWave sensor reference design


The TIDEP-01010 reference design leverages TI single-chip millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology to implement an area scanner capable of detection and localization in 3D space. Using TI 60-GHz mmWave sensors: presence detection: as well as the ability to gauge the object's trajectory and speed: enables dynamic adjustment of the safety zone's size depending on the object's speed of approach: as well as the ability to predict before a safety zone is breached.

  • Demonstrates environmentally-robust area scanner using TI single-chip mmWave sensor
  • Detection and localization of people and objects across 3D space
  • Using a single device, supports sensing across field of view (FoV) up to 120° and range of 0 m to 10 m
  • Proximity sensor
  • Area scanner safety guard
  • Light curtain safety guard
Product Categories
  • mmWave sensors
  • Sensors


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XI6843QGABL XI6843QGABL Buy Datasheet

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