Series: UCC28722

Part Number: UCC28722


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Digi-Key 296-46265-1-ND 0 $0.60 Buy
Digi-Key 296-37279-1-ND 3239 $1.11 Buy
Digi-Key 296-46265-1-ND 0 $0.60 Buy
Texas Instruments UCC28722DBVT 500 $0.87 Buy
Texas Instruments UCC28722DBVR 707 $0.37 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-UCC28722DBVR 30 $0.60 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-UCC28722DBVT 1794 $1.11 Buy
Verical Marketplace UCC28722DBVR 3000 $0.35 Buy
Arrow North American Components UCC28722DBVR 0 $0.20 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific UCC28722DBVT $0.41 Buy
Arrow Asia UCC28722DBVR 63000 $0.20 Buy
Arrow North American Components UCC28722DBVT 0 $0.44 Buy
Rochester Electronics UCC28722DBVT 1000 $0.45 Buy
Arrow Asia UCC28722DBVT 10000 $0.62 Buy
Verical Marketplace UCC28722DBVT 17 $0.37 Buy
Farnell UCC28722DBVT 78 * $1.40 Buy
RS Components (APAC) UCC28722DBVT $15.48 Buy
RS Components UCC28722DBVT $9.35 Buy
AVNET Express UCC28722DBVT 1000 $0.45 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific UCC28722DBVR $0.32 Buy
Newark UCC28722DBVR $0.39 Buy
element14 APAC UCC28722DBVT 78 * $1.30 Buy
AVNET Europe UCC28722DBVT * $0.57 Buy
AVNET Express UCC28722DBVR $0.21 Buy
Newark UCC28722DBVT 78 $1.61 Buy

UCC28722 Low Cost CVCC Flyback Controller with Primary-Side Regulation for Bipolar Power Device


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
Universal AC Input 7.5W Adapter Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP4391
AC in: 12V0.5A and 5V50mA dual-rail output for appliances power supply Texas Instruments PMP4387
85-265VACin: 5V/1.5A AC/DC USB Charger with Auto-Detect based on PSR Flyback with BJT Switch Texas Instruments PMP9594
Wide Input 2W Bias Power Supply Texas Instruments PMP7668
Ultra-wide Input Range: Dual Output: Offline AC/DC Bias Supply with PSR Control and BJT Switch Texas Instruments PMP10397
Low-cost Universal AC-DC Input Non-isolated Buck Conv using BJT for 12V/0.2A Output Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP9707
Cost Effective Bias Power Supply with <100mW Standby and 75% Efficiency Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00434
Wide Input Range (140Vac to 440Vac) Non Isolated Off-line Flyback Converter with Multiple Outputs Texas Instruments PMP10055
230-V: 400-W: 92% Efficiency Battery Charger w/PFC and LLC for 36-V Power Tools Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00355
Snubberless: Non-Isolated AC/DC Flyback Converter Reference Design with Simplified Transformer Texas Instruments TIDA-00628
5V/1.6A & 12V/10mA AC/DC Flyback PSU for E-meter Apps Optimized for Low AC Line Input Ref Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00583
Universal AC Input: 380V/1kW CCM Boost Power Factor Regulator Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP11062
230VAC Input: 200kHz 380V/1kW CCM Boost Power Factor Regulator Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP12074
Dual-Output 5V at 300mA and 15V at 100mA Isolated Flyback From 85V to 440V AC Mains Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP10236
138-264VACin: 3.5V/0.12A Primary-Side Regulated Flyback with Bipolar Power Device Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP10218
Universal AC Input: 200kHz 380V/1kW CCM Boost Power Factor Regulator Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP11211