TIDA-00434 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Cost Effective Bias Power Supply with <100mW Standby and 75% Efficiency Reference Design


This reference design is a multiple output (12V: 3.3V/5V): 2.4W bias power supply for home appliances using a low cost Quasi-resonant PWM controller. The design supports conversion of wide range DC input ranging from 90V DC to 425V DC or AC input ranging from 85V AC to 300V AC to standard power rails of 12V and 3.3V/5V. TIDA-00434 is able to achieve reduced switching losses: using a buck power stage operating in discontinuous mode with valley switching. The design offers high efficiency (>70%) and low stand-by power of

  • Designed for wide operating input range 90VDC to 425VDC or 85 VAC to 300 VACVery low standby power of Ultra-Simple circuit with low cost Off-the-shelf componentsTight output regulation of Robust Supply protected for Output Over-Current: Short-Circuit and Output Over-voltage conditions.Inherent open loop /loss of feedback detection in the controller shuts the converter and safe-guards the system from High voltage intrusion.Configurable for most of the output voltage needs from 1.5V to 15V with simple resistor change.Efficiency of 75% at 125VDC input: and 74% at 325VDC input and full loadSmall PCB form factor of 52 x 25 mm offers simplicity in usage.Meets the requirements of Conducted Emissions standard – EN55011 class A
  • Washer & dryer
  • Refrigerator & freezer
  • Air purifier & humidifier
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Wired control
  • Dishwasher
  • Automated door & gate
  • Oven
  • Residential water heater & heating system
  • Residential & living fan
  • Coffee machine
  • Mixer
  • blender & food processor
  • Air conditioner outdoor unit
  • Cooker hood
  • Mains powered tools
  • Appliances: battery charger
  • Air conditioner indoor unit
  • Appliances pumps & fans
  • Appliances: compressor
Product Categories
  • Power management

End Equipment Reference Diagrams

Application Area End Equipment
Dishwasher http://www.ti.com/solution/dish-washer#referencedesigns
Appliances pumps & fans http://www.ti.com/solution/appliances-pumps-fans#referencedesigns
Appliances: battery charger http://www.ti.com/solution/appliances-battery-charger#referencedesigns
Mixer http://www.ti.com/solution/mixer-blender-food-processor#referencedesigns
blender & food processor http://www.ti.com/solution/automated-door-gate#referencedesigns
Automated door & gate http://www.ti.com/solution/washer-dryer#referencedesigns
Washer & dryer http://www.ti.com/solution/cooker-hood#referencedesigns
Cooker hood http://www.ti.com/solution/mains-powered-tools#referencedesigns
Mains powered tools http://www.ti.com/solution/wired-control#referencedesigns
Wired control http://www.ti.com/solution/air-conditioner-indoor-unit#referencedesigns
Air conditioner indoor unit http://www.ti.com/solution/air-purifier-humidifier#referencedesigns
Air purifier & humidifier http://www.ti.com/solution/refrigerators-and-freezers#referencedesigns
Refrigerator & freezer http://www.ti.com/solution/residential-living-fan#referencedesigns
Residential & living fan http://www.ti.com/solution/air-conditioner-outdoor-unit#referencedesigns
Air conditioner outdoor unit http://www.ti.com/solution/appliances-compressor#referencedesigns
Appliances: compressor http://www.ti.com/solution/oven#referencedesigns
Oven http://www.ti.com/solution/coffee-machine#referencedesigns
Coffee machine http://www.ti.com/solution/cordless-vacuum-cleaner#referencedesigns


Part Number Name Companion Part
TLV1117 TLV1117 Buy Datasheet
UA78L05A UA78L05A Buy Datasheet
UCC28722 UCC28722 Buy Datasheet


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TIDA-00434 Gerber 17 Mar 2015 ZIP 169
TIDA-00434 CAD Files 17 Mar 2015 ZIP 2352
TIDA-00434 PCB 17 Mar 2015 PDF 695
TIDA-00434 Assembly Files 17 Mar 2015 ZIP 95
TIDA-00434 BOM 17 Mar 2015 PDF 210
TIDA-00434 Schematic 17 Mar 2015 PDF 246