PMP10397 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Ultra-wide Input Range: Dual Output: Offline AC/DC Bias Supply with PSR Control and BJT Switch


This design uses low cost primary side regulation (PSR) IC UCC28722 with a bipolar transistor for ultra-wide input range applications (85VAC to 528VAC). Two outputs with separated grounds: 5V/0.3A and 16.5V/0.1A are generated.

  • Ultra-wide AC input range: 85VAC-528VACDual Output with separated grounds: 5V/0.3A and 16.5V/0.1A3W Maximum output power rating at efficiency of 63.6% at 85Vac: 61.7% at 528VacLow cost: 800V bipolar transistor as primary switch for Flyback converterTotal 18% output cross-regulation on 5V rail: from no load to full-loadTotal 13% output cross-regulation on 15V rail: from no load to full-load
  • Grid asset monitoring
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
UCC28722 UCC28722 Buy Datasheet

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PMP10397 BOM (Rev. A) 04 Mar 2015 PDF 111
PMP10397 Gerber 25 Sep 2014 ZIP 184
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