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Series: TMS320DM6443

Part Number: TMS320DM6443AZWT


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System-on-Chip Processor 361-Pin NFBGA


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
5 VIN solution using DCDC Controllers, a LDO, and a Digitally Prog. Sequencer Texas Instruments 11/24/2008
Basic Application Loading over the Serial Interface for the DaVinci TMS320DM644x Texas Instruments 12/21/2006
Digital Video Using DaVinci SoC Texas Instruments 06/27/2007
USB 2.0 Board Design and Layout Guidelines (Rev. D) Texas Instruments 03/17/2015
Host USB Support on the DVEVM Texas Instruments 07/20/2007
EDMA v3.0 (EDMA3) Migration Guide for TMS320DM644x DMSoC Texas Instruments 12/03/2005
Understanding the Davinci Preview Engine (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 07/23/2008
USB Compliance Checklist (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 03/10/2010
EncodeDecode Demo for the DaVinci DVEVM/DVSDK 1.2 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 06/27/2007
Running Demo via ddd on the DVEVM Texas Instruments 07/30/2007
Building a Small Embedded Linux Kernel Example (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/27/2008
Understanding TI's PCB Routing Rule-Based DDR Timing Specification (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 07/17/2008
TMS320DM6441 Power Consumption Summary Application Report Texas Instruments 04/08/2008
Encode Demo for the DaVinci DVEVM/DVSDK 1.2 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 06/27/2007
Booting DaVinci EVM from NAND Flash (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 12/15/2008
Implementing DDR2 PCB Layout on the TMS320DM644x DMSoC (Rev. G) Texas Instruments 06/16/2008
Fast Development with DaVinci On Screen Display (OSD) Texas Instruments 07/06/2006
Understanding the Davinci Resizer (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 07/17/2008
Introduction to TMS320C6000 DSP Optimization Texas Instruments 10/06/2011
TMS320DM644x Thermal Considerations (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/23/2008
DaVinci System Level Benchmarking Measurements Texas Instruments 09/28/2006
TMS320DM6446/3 Power Consumption Summary (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 08/16/2010
Booting and Flashing via the DaVinci TMS320DM644x Serial Interface (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 09/10/2009
EDMA v2.0 to EDMA v3.0 (EDMA3) Migration Guide (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 08/21/2008
Compact Flash (CF) Support on the DVEVM Texas Instruments 07/25/2007
Decode Demo for the DaVinci DVEVM/DVSDK 1.2 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 06/27/2007
Common Object File Format (COFF) Texas Instruments 04/15/2009
High-Speed Layout Guidelines Application Report (Rev. E) Texas Instruments 07/17/2015
Using Static IP Between Linux Host and the DVEVM Texas Instruments 07/30/2007
TMS320C64x to TMS320C64x+ CPU Migration Guide (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 10/20/2005

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
Adaptive Clocking JTAG Emulator Adapters Debug probe TMDSADP
XDS560™ software v2 system trace USB debug probe Debug probe TMDSEMU560V2STM-U
XDS200 USB Debug Probe Debug probe TMDSEMU200-U
XDS560v2 System Trace USB & Ethernet Debug Probe Debug probe TMDSEMU560V2STM-UE