Texas Instruments

Series: TMS320C6712D

Part Number: TMS320C6712DZDP150


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
DigiKey 296-TMS320C6712DZDP150-ND 40 $29.59 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-S320C6712DZDP150 0 $24.79 Buy
Quarktwin Electronic Components TMS320C6712DZDP150 27490 $26.63 Buy
Arrow North American Components TMS320C6712DZDP150 0 $24.55 Buy
Win Source TMS320C6712DZDP150 5070 Buy
Perceptive TMS320C6712DZDP150 35640 Buy
RS Components TMS320C6712DZDP150 $16.49 Buy
Newark TMS320C6712DZDP150 $24.67 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific TMS320C6712DZDP150 $20.76 Buy
AVNET Europe TMS320C6712DZDP150 40 * $21.65 Buy
Texas Instruments TMS320C6712DZDP150 939 $23.33 Buy
AVNET Express TMS320C6712DZDP150 16 $22.46 Buy

DSP Floating-Point 32-Bit 150MHz 1200MIPS 272-Pin BGA


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
TMS320C621x/TMS320C671x EDMA Architecture Texas Instruments 03/05/2004
TMS320C621x/671x EDMA Performance Data Texas Instruments 03/05/2004
Introduction to TMS320C6000 DSP Optimization Texas Instruments 10/06/2011
Thermal Considerations for the DM64xx, DM64x, and C6000 Devices Texas Instruments 05/20/2007
TMS320C6711D, C6712D, C6713B Power Consumption Summary (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/31/2004
Migrating from TMS320C6712/C6712C to TMS320C6712D (Rev. F) Texas Instruments 11/11/2005
TMS320C6000 EDMA IO Scheduling and Performance Texas Instruments 03/05/2004

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
XDS560™ software v2 system trace USB debug probe Debug probe TMDSEMU560V2STM-U
XDS560v2 System Trace USB & Ethernet Debug Probe Debug probe TMDSEMU560V2STM-UE