TMS320C621x/671x EDMA Performance Data

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 03/05/2004


The enhanced DMA (EDMA) controller of the TMS320C621x™/TMS320C671x™ devices is a highly efficient data transfer engine capable of maintaining transfers at up to 1800 MB/sec at a 225 MHz CPU clock frequency. This document details actual bandwidth achieved under various operating conditions. Ideal transfer bandwidth is explored in TMS320C6000 EDMA IO Scheduling and Performance (S


Part Number Name Companion Part
TMS320C6211BGFN150 TMS320C6211BGFN150 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6211BGFN167 TMS320C6211BGFN167 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6211BGFN180 TMS320C6211BGFN180 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6211BZFN150 TMS320C6211BZFN150 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6211BZFN167 TMS320C6211BZFN167 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6711CGDP200 TMS320C6711CGDP200 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6711CZDP200 TMS320C6711CZDP200 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6711DGDP200 TMS320C6711DGDP200 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6711DGDP250 TMS320C6711DGDP250 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6711DZDP250 TMS320C6711DZDP250 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6712CGDP150 TMS320C6712CGDP150 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6712DGDP150 TMS320C6712DGDP150 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6712DZDP150 TMS320C6712DZDP150 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713BGDP225 TMS320C6713BGDP225 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713BPYP200 TMS320C6713BPYP200 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713GDP225 TMS320C6713GDP225 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713GDPA200 TMS320C6713GDPA200 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713GDPX225 TMS320C6713GDPX225 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713PYP200 TMS320C6713PYP200 Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713PYP200B TMS320C6713PYP200B Buy Datasheet
TMS320C6713PYPX200 TMS320C6713PYPX200 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6211BZFN180H TMS32C6211BZFN180H Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6711BGFNA100 TMS32C6711BGFNA100 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6711CGDPA167 TMS32C6711CGDPA167 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6711DGDPA167 TMS32C6711DGDPA167 Buy Datasheet
TMS32C6711DZDPA167 TMS32C6711DZDPA167 Buy Datasheet
TMX320C6712DGDP TMX320C6712DGDP Buy Datasheet
TMX320C6713BGDP TMX320C6713BGDP Buy Datasheet
TMX320C6713GDP TMX320C6713GDP Buy Datasheet
TMX320C6713GFN TMX320C6713GFN Buy Datasheet
TMX320C6713PYP TMX320C6713PYP Buy Datasheet