Series: OPA376

Part Number: OPA376


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Digi-key OPA376AIDRG4-ND 0 $0.73 Buy
Digi-key OPA376AIDCKTG4-ND 0 $1.18 Buy
Digi-key OPA376AIDBVRG4-ND 0 $0.73 Buy
Digi-key 296-35916-1-ND 9674 $1.78 Buy
Digi-key 296-22191-1-ND 8439 $2.05 Buy
Digi-key 296-41368-1-ND 4915 $1.78 Buy
Digi-key 296-39130-1-ND 11189 $1.78 Buy
Digi-key 296-22190-5-ND 1489 $2.12 Buy
Digi-key OPA376AIDCKRG4-ND 0 $0.73 Buy
Digi-key OPA376AIDBVTG4-ND 0 $1.18 Buy
TI store OPA376AIDCKRG4 1262 $1.82 Buy
TI store OPA376AID 1980 $2.24 Buy
TI store OPA376AIDCKT 2046 $2.10 Buy
TI store OPA376AIDBVT 2257 $2.10 Buy
TI store OPA376AIDCKR 3062 $1.82 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDBVTG4 217 $1.99 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDCKT 1606 $1.99 Buy
element14 APAC OPA376AIDBVTG4 2029 $1.00 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDBVR 6398 $1.72 Buy
Farnell OPA376AIDBVTG4 173 $1.27 * Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDR 2240 $1.72 Buy
Farnell OPA376AID 288 $1.27 * Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDBVRG4 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDCKR 8220 $1.72 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AIDCKTG4 $0.88 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA376AID 207 $2.12 Buy
element14 APAC OPA376AID 380 $1.00 Buy

OPA376 Precision, Low Noise, Low Iq Operational Amplifier


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
Single-Supply, Unipolar, Multiplying DAC Reference Design Texas Instruments TIPD157
340W Digital Controlled LLC Resonant Half-Bridge DC-to-DC Power Conversion Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00512
350W Constant Voltage - Constant Current (CVCC) Phase-Shifted Full Bridge reference design Texas Instruments PMP9622
360W Phase Shift Full Bridge Resonant LLC with High Side Low Side Driver Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00381
AC Coupled, Single-Supply, Inverting and Non-inverting Amplifier Reference Design Texas Instruments TIPD185
Single Supply Analog Input Module Reference Design with 16-Bit, 8-Channel ADC for PLC Texas Instruments TIPD166
Single Op-Amp Slew Rate Limiter Reference Design Texas Instruments TIPD140
AC-mains LED Lighting with DALI DMX512 & Power Line Communications Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-AC-LED-COM
Level Translation: Dual to Single Supply Amp, ±15V to 5V Texas Instruments TIPD148
LED driver 3.2V@0.5A Texas Instruments PMP6692
Single-Ended Input to Differential Output Conversion Circuit Reference Design Texas Instruments TIPD131
50-Ohm 2-GHz Oscilloscope Front-end Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00826
Reference Design to Convert a Power Supply into Real Time Programmable CC-CV Source Texas Instruments TIDA-00703
Shunt-Based 200A Peak Current Measurement Reference Design Using Isolation Amplifier Texas Instruments TIDA-00445
18-bit, 2-Msps Isolated Data Acquisition Reference Design to Achieve Maximum SNR and Sampling Rate Texas Instruments TIDA-00732
20-bit, 1-MSPS, 4-Ch Small Form Factor Design for Test and Measurement Applications Reference Design Texas Instruments TIPD211
Shunt-Based High Current Measurement (200-A) Reference Design with Reinforced Isolation Amplifier Texas Instruments TIDA-00912
400V – 12V/500W High Frequency Resonant Converter Reference Design Using High Voltage GaN Devices Texas Instruments PMP20289
100W Dimmable DC-DC LED Driver with Daylight Harvesting and Wireless Connectivity Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-01095