TIDA-00826 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

50-Ohm 2-GHz Oscilloscope Front-end Reference Design


This reference design is part of an analog front-end for 50Ω-input oscilloscope application. System designers can readily use this evaluation platform to process input signals from DC to 2 GHz in both frequency-domain and time-domain applications.

  • 50-Ω input: analog front-end with input signal bandwidth of 2 GHzSystem ENOB of 6 to 8 bits is achieved with this signal chainSupports a maximum input signal of ± 3V: with user-selectable options for input AC or DC couplingDC-offset correction feature available in DC-coupled input modeThree input-amplitude voltage adjustment settings provided by the front-end π-attenuator: 1:1: 2:1 and 5:1Low noise: high-performance fully-differential amplifier (LMH5401) used for single-ended to differential conversionHigh performance digitally-controlled variable-gain amplifier (LMH6401) programmable from 26dB to -6dB gain in 1-dB steps to maintain full-scale input at the ADC12-bit ADC12J4000 operating at 4GSPS for sampling input signalsDesign supports +5 V supply using wall-mount power adapter or +12 V using internal FMC connection
  • Oscilloscopes & digitizers
  • Digital multimeter (DMM)
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Vector signal transceiver (VST)
  • Wireless communications test
Product Categories
  • Amplifiers


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TIDA-00826 PCB 18 Dec 2015 PDF 28400
TIDA-00826 BOM 18 Dec 2015 PDF 283
TIDA-00826 Schematic 18 Dec 2015 PDF 3700
TIDA-00826 Gerber 30 Nov 2015 ZIP 1121