Texas Instruments

Series: MSP430FR5969

Part Number: MSP430FR5969


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
Digi-Key 296-37875-6-ND 0 $6.87 Buy
Digi-Key 296-37875-6-ND 0 $6.87 Buy
Digi-Key 296-37918-6-ND 0 $7.40 Buy
Texas Instruments MSP430FR5969IRGZT 40 $4.77 Buy
Texas Instruments MSP430FR5969IRGZR 1037 $3.97 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-SP430FR5969IRGZT 5250 $7.40 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-SP430FR5969IRGZR 5000 $6.87 Buy
Verical Marketplace MSP430FR5969IRGZR 696 $5.05 Buy
AVNET Express MSP430FR5969IRGZR 2500 $2.40 Buy
Newark MSP430FR5969IRGZR 60 $6.87 Buy
Arrow North American Components MSP430FR5969IRGZR 0 $2.11 Buy
Jak Electronics MSP430FR5969IRGZR 37 $48.34 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific MSP430FR5969IRGZT $2.99 Buy
Win Source MSP430FR5969IRGZR 4939 $8.88 Buy
Utmel MSP430FR5969IRGZR 37 $6.56 Buy
AVNET Europe MSP430FR5969IRGZR * $3.24 Buy
element14 APAC MSP430FR5969IRGZR 2062 * $7.66 Buy
AVNET Express MSP430FR5969IRGZT $2.58 Buy
Arrow North American Components MSP430FR5969IRGZT 0 $2.41 Buy
Verical Marketplace MSP430FR5969IRGZT 216 $0.00 Buy
Newark MSP430FR5969IRGZT $4.96 Buy
AVNET Europe MSP430FR5969IRGZT 250 * $3.10 Buy
Farnell MSP430FR5969IRGZR 2062 * $5.74 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific MSP430FR5969IRGZR $2.86 Buy
RS Components MSP430FR5969IRGZT $4.56 Buy

MSP430FR5969 FRAM Mixed Signal Microcontroller


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
NFC Configuration & Logging Interface (Dual Port FRAM: NFC FRAM Serial) Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00230
Capacitive-Based Human Proximity Detection for System Wake-Up & Interrupt Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00220
Dynamic Field-Powered NFC for Data Logging Access Control & Security Applications Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00217
QVGA 3-D Graphics on Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers Texas Instruments TIDM-3DGRAPHICS-QVGA
SMBus Design Using Low Power Microcontroller Texas Instruments TIDM-SMBUS
Backlight and Smart Lighting Control by Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00373
Data Isolation for Loop Powered Applications Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00245
Wireless Motor Monitor Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-WLMOTORMONITOR
Piezo Speaker Strobe Notification Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00376
Signal Processing Subsystem and Current Input Based Self Power for Breaker Applications (ACB/MCCB) Texas Instruments TIDA-00498
Ultralow Power Multi-sensor Data Logger with NFC Interface Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00524
Highly Efficient Power & Data Transmission for Isolated Low Power Applications Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00459
Noise-immune Capacitive Proximity Sensor System Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00466
Dual Sensor Measurement Using Single Current-Loop with FSK Modulation Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00483
High Resolution: Fast Startup Analog Front End for Air Circuit Breaker Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-00661
Wired KNX Thermostat Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-KNXTHERMOSTAT
Memory Emulation Using 1-Wire Communication Protocol Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDM-1WIREEEPROM
EEPROM Emulation and Sensing With MSP430 FRAM Microcontrollers Texas Instruments TIDM-FRAM-EEPROM
Smart lighting & backlight control by ambient light & noise-immune proximity sensor reference design Texas Instruments TIDA-00754
Dynamic Voltage Scaling Power Solution for MSP430 Devices With Single-Channel LDO Reference Design Texas Instruments TIDA-01172