TIDA-00459 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Highly Efficient Power & Data Transmission for Isolated Low Power Applications Reference Design


TIDA-00459 provides a turnkey solution for the design and evaluation of sensor transmitters and other applications requiring  isolated data transmission and isolated power conversion. The design is based on the LaunchPadTM form factor and showcases a unique power saving methode for transmitting the data accross the isolation barrier. The highly efficient on-board isolated DC/DC converter enables its use in low power applications and applications with limited input power budget like 4- to 20-mA loop powered systems.Watch a TIDA-00349 Overview video: covering the same isolated power topology as used in TIDA-00459 NOW

  • Low power Isolated single wire bi-directional data transmission up to 1MbpsHighly efficient: optocoupler-less isolated DC/DC converter with 3.3V-outputFully characterized over 3- to 3.6-V input and for load currents up to 10 mAEasily configurable board with LaunchPad™ form factor: expandable by BoosterPack plug-in boardsFlexible use by multiple power options: and programmable MCUs on non-isolated and isolated side
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Process Analytics (pH
  • Gas
  • Concentration
  • Force & Humidity)
  • Level transmitter
  • Special function module
  • Position sensor
  • Temperature controller
  • Condition monitoring module
  • Proximity sensor
  • Access control
  • Safety area scanner
  • Safety light curtain
  • Flow transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter
Product Categories
  • MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430FR5969 MSP430FR5969 Buy Datasheet
TPS60402 TPS60402 Buy Datasheet
TPS62125 TPS62125 Buy Datasheet


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TIDA-00459 Gerber 12 Jun 2015 ZIP 442
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