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Series: LM46002

Part Number: LM46002PWPR


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Ameya360 LM46002PWPR $2.04 Buy

Conv DC-DC Single Step Down 3.5V to 60V 16-Pin HTSSOP T/R


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
Understanding and Applying Current-Mode Control Theory Texas Instruments 08/19/2007
AN-643 EMI/RFI Board Design (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 05/03/2004
Inverting Applications Made SIMPLE With LM4600x and LM4360x (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 02/20/2015
AN-1533 Overvoltage Protection Circuit for Automotive Load Dump (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 05/06/2013
Input and Output Capacitor Selection Texas Instruments 09/19/2005
AN-1197 Selecting Inductors for Buck Converters (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
Thermal Design Made Simple With LM43603 and LM46002 Texas Instruments 09/15/2014
AN-2155 Layout Tips for EMI Reduction in DC/ DC Converters (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
AN-1566 Techniques for Thermal Analysis of Switching Power Supply Designs (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
AN-1889 How to Measure the Loop Transfer Function of Power Supplies (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
Semiconductor and IC Package Thermal Metrics (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 07/05/2012
AN-1997 Error Amplifier Limitations in High-Performance Regulator Applications (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/06/2013
Low EMI Layout Made SIMPLE With LM43600/1/2/3 and LM46000/1/2 (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 09/12/2014
Automotive Line Transient Protection Circuit Texas Instruments 07/01/2014
Synchronous Rectification in High-Performance Power Converter Design Texas Instruments 03/21/2007
Understanding Buck-Boost Power Stages in Switchmode Power Supplies (Rev. A) Texas Instruments 05/28/2002
Compensation Made SIMPLE With LM4360x, LM4600x Texas Instruments 07/29/2014
AN-1149 Layout Guidelines for Switching Power Supplies (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
AN-1229 SIMPLE SWITCHER PCB Layout Guidelines (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
AN-2162 Simple Success With Conducted EMI From DC-DC Converters (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 04/24/2013
AN-1246 Stresses in Wide Input DC-DC Converters (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
AN-1520 A Guide to Board Layout for Best Thermal Resistance for Exposed Packages (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 04/23/2013
Semiconductor and IC Package Thermal Metrics (Rev. C) Texas Instruments 04/19/2016

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
LM46002PWP Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module Evaluation Modules & Boards LM46002PWPEVM