Inverting Applications Made SIMPLE With LM4600x and LM4360x (Rev. B)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02/20/2015


We often require power sources with negative output voltages. There are many different ways to produce a negative output voltage from a positive input voltage. One option is a polarity-inverting buck-boost converter. The advantages of this topology are that it requires low component count and that it can be built with standard high-side regulator ICs such as those intended for buck regulators. The LM4360x and LM4600x synchronous family of SIMPLE SWITCHER® converters can be used in an inverting buck-boost topology to provide a regulated negative output voltage rail in the system.

This user guide will demonstrate the use of LM46002 in an inverting buck-boost application. The design accepts an input voltage of 15 V to 45 V and can provide an output voltage of -15 V capable of supplying a range of output current to the load up to 1 A.


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM43600PWP LM43600PWP Buy Datasheet
LM43600QPWPRQ1 LM43600QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43600QPWPTQ1 LM43600QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43601PWPT LM43601PWPT Buy Datasheet
LM43601QPWPRQ1 LM43601QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43602QDSURQ1 LM43602QDSURQ1 Datasheet
LM43602QDSUTQ1 LM43602QDSUTQ1 Datasheet
LM43602QPWPRQ1 LM43602QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43602QPWPTQ1 LM43602QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM46001QPWPTQ1 LM46001QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM46002PWPR LM46002PWPR Buy Datasheet
LM46002PWPT LM46002PWPT Buy Datasheet
LM46002QPWPRQ1 LM46002QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM46002QPWPTQ1 LM46002QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet