Compensation Made SIMPLE With LM4360x, LM4600x

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 07/29/2014


Compensating a DC-DC buck converter is challenging if the designer is not familiar with the loop control theory. To achieve a stable design under all corner and adverse conditions, the user must prope


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM43600PWP LM43600PWP Buy Datasheet
LM43600QPWPRQ1 LM43600QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43600QPWPTQ1 LM43600QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43601PWPT LM43601PWPT Buy Datasheet
LM43601QPWPRQ1 LM43601QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43602QDSURQ1 LM43602QDSURQ1 Datasheet
LM43602QDSUTQ1 LM43602QDSUTQ1 Datasheet
LM43602QPWPRQ1 LM43602QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM43602QPWPTQ1 LM43602QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM46001QPWPTQ1 LM46001QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM46002PWPR LM46002PWPR Buy Datasheet
LM46002PWPT LM46002PWPT Buy Datasheet
LM46002QPWPRQ1 LM46002QPWPRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM46002QPWPTQ1 LM46002QPWPTQ1 Buy Datasheet