Series: LM3481

Part Number: LM3481


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
DigiKey 2156-LM3481MMX/NOPB-ND 0 $1.00 Buy
DigiKey LM3481MM/NOPBDKR-ND 0 $3.04 Buy
DigiKey 296-43451-ND 1 $118.80 Buy
Texas Instruments LM3481MM/NOPB 10 $2.42 Buy
Texas Instruments LM3481MMX/NOPB 3150 $2.02 Buy
Win Source LM3481MMX/NOPB 75600 $8.29 Buy
Win Source LM3481MM/NOPB 75644 $7.63 Buy
Mouser Electronics 926-LM3481MMX/NOPB 3580 $2.68 Buy
Mouser Electronics 926-LM3481MM/NOPB 25417 $3.09 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific LM3481MMX/NOPB $1.14 Buy
AVNET Europe LM3481MMX/NOPB 3500 * $1.35 Buy
Newark LM3481MMX/NOPB $1.23 Buy
Arrow North American Components LM3481MMX/NOPB 0 $1.93 Buy
Arrow Asia LM3481MMX/NOPB 28000 $0.98 Buy
AVNET Express LM3481MMX/NOPB 3036 $1.10 Buy
Verical Marketplace LM3481MMX/NOPB 3500 $1.93 Buy
AVNET Europe LM3481MM/NOPB 9000 * $1.35 Buy
Newark LM3481MM/NOPB 6682 $3.85 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific LM3481MM/NOPB 5000 $1.03 Buy
element14 APAC LM3481MM/NOPB 2657 * $3.43 Buy
Farnell LM3481MM/NOPB 2547 * $3.23 Buy
AVNET Express LM3481MM/NOPB 298 $0.73 Buy
Arrow North American Components LM3481MM/NOPB 0 $1.76 Buy
Arrow Asia LM3481MM/NOPB 8000 $0.98 Buy
Ameya360 LM3481MM/NOPB 2000 $0.88 Buy
RS Components LM3481MM/NOPB $1,040.40 Buy
Verical Marketplace LM3481MM/NOPB 556 $0.95 Buy
Utmel LM3481MM/NOPB 99070 $1.14 Buy

LM3481 48V Wide Vin Low-Side N-Channel Controller for Switching Regulators


Reference Designs

Title Manufacturer Part Number
24W Boost Converter Optimized for Low Profile/Small Area Texas Instruments PMP7424
CISPR 25 Class 5 Rated Multi-Output Power Supply with Pre-Boost for Automotive Cluster Unit Texas Instruments PMP9477
Boost for Capacitor Charging with 48V @ 1A Peak Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP8711
9.5V @ 1.5A Automotive Boost Converter Texas Instruments PMP8536
Sepic: 6.0V @ 1.5A Texas Instruments PMP7155
Battery Powered Boost Converter Delivers 120Vdc @ 10mA Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP8956
330mW AC or DC Tiny Flyback Converter Power Supply Reference Design Texas Instruments LM3481-REF
Boost: 5.0V @ 0.9A Texas Instruments PMP7185
Sepic: 7.8V @ 0.8A Texas Instruments PMP7130
6 to 16Vin 12V@4A Output Wide Vin SEPIC Converter Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP9332
40W SEPIC Conv w/Dual-Inductor High Efficiency Operating w/Automotive Input Range Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP9184C
Automotive Range SEPIC Converter Delivers 12V@1A Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP8937
40W SEPIC Conv w/Coupled-Inductor Hi Efficiency Operating w/Automotive Input Range Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP9184B
Sepic: 12.0-100.0V @ 10mA Texas Instruments PMP7135
Boost: 100.0V @ 10mA Texas Instruments PMP7129
Audio Boom Box/Portable Speaker Reference Design with Efficient Boost Converter. Texas Instruments PMP9491
Low Power Flyback with Ultra Wide Input Voltage Range Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP10098
Reference Design - SEPIC Converter Delivers 3.3V at 3.25A from Low Input Voltage Texas Instruments PMP9512
Automotive low voltage boost stage converts 4V…9Vin to 9Vout@3.3A Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP10130
Automotive Low Voltage SEPIC Stage Converts 4V…40Vin to 12Vout@2.5A Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP10111
Ref. Design - EMI Optimized 12W SEPIC Power Supply for Automotive with CISPR 25 Class 5 Compliance Texas Instruments PMP10610
Low Vin Flyback Reference Design for High Voltage Laser Flash Drive Texas Instruments PMP10666
Low Vin: Small Form Factor Flyback Reference Design for High Voltage Laser Flash Drive Texas Instruments PMP10712
12W SEPIC Power Supply Reference Design for Industrial Applications Texas Instruments TIDA-00781
Automotive Range SEPIC Converter Delivers 4.5V@5.5A Reference Design Texas Instruments PMP8903
Multiport Isolated Output Flyback Solution Reference Design Featuring the LM3481 Texas Instruments PMP10725