PMP10130 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive low voltage boost stage converts 4V…9Vin to 9Vout@3.3A Reference Design


This small boost converter is meant to increase the output voltage to 9V during cranking phase. Vin = Vout - Vf in nominal conditions. During cranking: the input voltage can reach vaules as low as 4V. Extensive testing with a source generator has been performed.

  • Supports the highly demanding cranking profile by stable 9Vout@3.3AHigh efficiency down to 6Vin: 93%Low noise generation thank to LC filter
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
CSD18534Q5A CSD18534Q5A Buy Datasheet
LM3481 LM3481 Buy Datasheet

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Other Documents

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PMP10130 Gerber (from PMP9184) 13 Apr 2015 ZIP 187
PMP10130 CAD Files (from PMP9184) 13 Apr 2015 ZIP 324
PMP10130 Assembly Drawing (from PMP9184) 13 Apr 2015 PDF 71
PMP10130 BOM 13 Apr 2015 PDF 105
PMP10130 Schematic 13 Apr 2015 PDF 140