PMP8956 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Battery Powered Boost Converter Delivers 120Vdc @ 10mA Reference Design


This design is driven by the LM3481. The LM3481 is a versatile Low-Side N-FET high performance controller for switching regulators. The switching frequency of the LM3481 can be adjusted to any value between 100 kHz and 1 MHz by using a single external resistor or by synchronizing it to an external clock. The LM3481 has built in protection features such as thermal shutdown: short-circuit protection and over voltage protection. Power saving shutdown mode reduces the total supply current to 5µA and allows power supply sequencing.

Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM3481 LM3481 Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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PMP8956 PCB 02 Jul 2013 PDF 3605
PMP8956 Gerber 02 Jul 2013 ZIP 175
PMP8956 BOM 24 Jun 2013 PDF 17
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