PWM DC Motor Control Using Timer A of the MSP430

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 12/21/2000


This application report and its associated software demonstrate the control of a DC motor using pulse width modulation (PWM). The Timer A module, which independently generates a PWM output, is used to


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP-EVK430A320 MSP-EVK430A320 Datasheet
MSP-EVK430A330 MSP-EVK430A330 Datasheet
MSP-EVK430B320 MSP-EVK430B320 Datasheet
MSP-EVK430B330 MSP-EVK430B330 Datasheet
MSP-STK430A320 MSP-STK430A320 Datasheet
MSP-STK430B320 MSP-STK430B320 Datasheet
MSP430C1101 MSP430C1101 Datasheet
MSP430F1101IDW MSP430F1101IDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1101IDWR MSP430F1101IDWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1101IPW MSP430F1101IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1101IPWR MSP430F1101IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110AIDW MSP430F110AIDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110AIDWR MSP430F110AIDWR Datasheet
MSP430F110AIPW MSP430F110AIPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110AIPWR MSP430F110AIPWR Datasheet
MSP430F110IDW MSP430F110IDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110IDWR MSP430F110IDWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F110IPWR MSP430F110IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1121CY MSP430F1121CY Datasheet
MSP430F1121IDW MSP430F1121IDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1121IDWR MSP430F1121IDWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1121IPW MSP430F1121IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F1121IPWR MSP430F1121IPWR Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112AIDW MSP430F112AIDW Datasheet
MSP430F112AIPW MSP430F112AIPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112IDW MSP430F112IDW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112IPW MSP430F112IPW Buy Datasheet
MSP430F112IPWR MSP430F112IPWR Datasheet
MSP430P313IDL MSP430P313IDL Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315IDL MSP430P315IDL Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315IDLR MSP430P315IDLR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315SIDL MSP430P315SIDL Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315SIDLR MSP430P315SIDLR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIFN MSP430P325AIFN Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIPG MSP430P325AIPG Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIPM MSP430P325AIPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IFN MSP430P325IFN Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPG MSP430P325IPG Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPM MSP430P325IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPMR MSP430P325IPMR Datasheet
MSP430P337AIPJM MSP430P337AIPJM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P337AIPJMR MSP430P337AIPJMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P337IPJM MSP430P337IPJM Buy Datasheet