PGA460 Full-Bridge Driver Solutions for Ultrasonic Transducers

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 02 Sep 2017


This document offers various implementations to achieve a full-bridge driver to excite an ultrasonic transducer when using the PGA460. Because the PGA460 was only designed to excite transducers in the transformer-driven or half-bridge driver modes, external circuitry is required to enable a full-bridge driver. The recommended solution is based on combining the functionality of the PGA460 with the DRV8870 to enable the excitation voltage to swing between ±45 V. Low-cost discrete alternatives are also discussed.


Part Number Name Companion Part
PGA460TPW PGA460TPW Buy Datasheet
PGA460TPWR PGA460TPWR Buy Datasheet
DRV8870DDA DRV8870DDA Buy Datasheet
DRV8870DDAR DRV8870DDAR Buy Datasheet