Texas Instruments

Series: DRV8870

Part Number: DRV8870DDAR


Distributor SKU Stock Cost
DigiKey 296-42660-6-ND 20184 $2.13 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-DRV8870DDAR 5439 $1.84 Buy
Utmel DRV8870DDAR 293622 $0.88 Buy
Arrow Asia DRV8870DDAR 50000 $0.85 Buy
Win Source DRV8870DDAR 525103 $1.36 Buy
TME DRV8870DDAR 243 $1.82 Buy
Quarktwin Electronic Components DRV8870DDAR 3700 $2.29 Buy
Verical Marketplace DRV8870DDAR 2335 $1.65 Buy
Ameya360 DRV8870DDAR 25000 Buy
AVNET Express DRV8870DDAR $0.91 Buy
Farnell DRV8870DDAR 1840 * $1.33 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific DRV8870DDAR $1.16 Buy
AVNET Europe DRV8870DDAR * $1.24 Buy
Newark DRV8870DDAR 2095 $2.30 Buy
Texas Instruments DRV8870DDAR 2369 $1.29 Buy
element14 APAC DRV8870DDAR 1990 * $1.48 Buy
Arrow North American Components DRV8870DDAR 2335 $2.86 Buy

Brushed DC Motor Driver 6.5V to 45V 8-Pin SOPowerPAD T/R


Application Notes

Title Manufacturer Published
DRV88xx Current Recirculation and Decay Modes Application Report Texas Instruments 03/02/2009
PowerPAD™ Made Easy (Rev. B) Texas Instruments 05/12/2004
Calculating Motor Driver Power Dissipation Texas Instruments 02/06/2012
Understanding Motor Driver Current Ratings Texas Instruments 02/06/2012
PowerPAD? Thermally Enhanced Package (Rev. G) Texas Instruments 01/26/2011
PGA460 Full-Bridge Driver Solutions for Ultrasonic Transducers Texas Instruments 02 Sep 2017

Evaluation Kits

Title Type Part number
DRV8870 H-Bridge PWM Motor Driver Evaluation Module Evaluation board DRV8870EVM