Implementing a UART Function with the 8-bit Interval Timer/Counter

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 12/17/1999


This application report describes the implementation of a hardware/software universal asynchronous receiver tranmitter (UART) function on the MSP430x31x MSP430x32x and MSP430x33x families of 16-bit RISC-like mixed-signal processors using the integrated 8-bit interval timer/counter (8-bit T/C). The UART function described in this report is half-duplex event-driven and supports an 8N1 protocol u


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP-EVK430A320 MSP-EVK430A320 Buy Datasheet
MSP-EVK430A330 MSP-EVK430A330 Buy Datasheet
MSP-EVK430B320 MSP-EVK430B320 Buy Datasheet
MSP-EVK430B330 MSP-EVK430B330 Buy Datasheet
MSP-STK430A320 MSP-STK430A320 Buy Datasheet
MSP-STK430B320 MSP-STK430B320 Buy Datasheet
MSP430P313IDL MSP430P313IDL Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315IDL MSP430P315IDL Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315IDLR MSP430P315IDLR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315SIDL MSP430P315SIDL Buy Datasheet
MSP430P315SIDLR MSP430P315SIDLR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIFN MSP430P325AIFN Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIPG MSP430P325AIPG Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325AIPM MSP430P325AIPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IFN MSP430P325IFN Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPG MSP430P325IPG Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPM MSP430P325IPM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P325IPMR MSP430P325IPMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P337AIPJM MSP430P337AIPJM Buy Datasheet
MSP430P337AIPJMR MSP430P337AIPJMR Buy Datasheet
MSP430P337IPJM MSP430P337IPJM Buy Datasheet
PMS430E325FZ PMS430E325FZ Buy Datasheet
PMS430E337HFD PMS430E337HFD Buy Datasheet