DM816xx Easy CYG Package PCB Escape Routing (Rev. A)

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 03/19/2015


The DM816x CYG package is designed with a new technology called a Via Channel™ array. This technology allows for easy routing of the device in two signal and two power layers using large throughhole via diameters and standard trace widths; it is cost and time effective. Where more than four printed circuit board (PCB) layers are used the routing is much more open and flexible than a regular


Part Number Name Companion Part
AM3892CCYG120 AM3892CCYG120 Buy Datasheet
AM3894CCYG120 AM3894CCYG120 Buy Datasheet
AM3894CCYG135 AM3894CCYG135 Buy Datasheet
AM3894CCYGA120 AM3894CCYGA120 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM8167SCYG4 TMS320DM8167SCYG4 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM8168BCYGA2 TMS320DM8168BCYGA2 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM8168SCYG TMS320DM8168SCYG Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM8168SCYG4 TMS320DM8168SCYG4 Buy Datasheet
TMS320DM8168SCYGA2 TMS320DM8168SCYGA2 Buy Datasheet
VCBUC8168CCYG2 VCBUC8168CCYG2 Buy Datasheet
VCBUP8168CCYG2 VCBUP8168CCYG2 Buy Datasheet