AN063: Using CC2591 RF Front End with CC2430

Texas Instruments

Published Date: 07/15/2008


The CC2430 is a true System-on-Chip (SoC) specifically tailored for IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee applications. It enables ZigBee nodes to be built with very low total bill-of-material costs.

CC2591 is a range extender for all existing and future low-power 2.4-GHz RF transceivers, transmitters and SoC products from Texas Instruments.

CC2591 increases the link budget by providing a Power Amplifier (PA) for improved output power and a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with a low noise figure for improved receiver sensitivity. CC2591 further contains RF switches, RF matching and a balun for a seamless interface with the CC2430. This allows for simple design of high performance wireless applications.

This application note describes how to implement the CC2430 and the CC2591 in the same design. It further describes the expected performance from this combination as well as important factors to consider with respect to the layout and regulatory requirements. The combined CC2430 and CC2591 solution is suitable for systems targeting compliance with FCC CFR47 Part 15.

The RF front end of CC2430 is the same as the ones being used in CC2431 and in CC2480. The presented results in this application note are therefore also valid for CC2431 and CC2480.


Part Number Name Companion Part
CC2430F128RTC CC2430F128RTC Buy Datasheet
CC2430F128RTCR CC2430F128RTCR Buy Datasheet
CC2430F32RTCR CC2430F32RTCR Buy Datasheet
CC2430F64RTC CC2430F64RTC Buy Datasheet
CC2430F64RTCR CC2430F64RTCR Buy Datasheet
CC2430ZF128RTC CC2430ZF128RTC Buy Datasheet
CC2430ZF128RTCR CC2430ZF128RTCR Buy Datasheet
CC2591RGVR CC2591RGVR Buy Datasheet
CC2591RGVRG4 CC2591RGVRG4 Buy Datasheet
CC2591RGVT CC2591RGVT Buy Datasheet