ANS019 - Bipolar power supply and isolated signal transmission with MagI³C-FIMM

Wurth Elektronik

Published Date: 15-May-2023


Industrial plants, such as warehouse logistics, filling plants, rolling mills, conveyor belts and printing presses, generally require the use of a selection of the following elements for safe operation:

  • Isolation amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters
  • Isolation of digital circuits
  • Interfaces/bus isolation - RS232, RS485, CAN, Interbus, Profibus
  • Measurement and data acquisition

All these applications have one thing in common, namely the isolation of the input supply voltage from the supplying bus voltage. But why galvanically isolate a supply from a bus or from switching components in general? Galvanic isolation prevents transient interference from the supply voltage from propagating into the bus and disrupting its operation.

All these applications share the fact that they are supplied by a power module with galvanic isolation. The Application Note explains the functionality and structure of the power module used for the applications described.