TIPD173 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

16 bit 1MSPS Data Acquisition Reference Design for Single-Ended Multiplexed Applications


This TI Precision Verified Design details a systematic design methodology for a 16 bit: 1MSPS: single-ended data acquisition (DAQ) block optimized to achieve excellent settling time: power consumption: static performance and dynamic performance for multiplexed applications.  The design features a 16-bit: high-precision: successive-approximation-register (SAR) analog-digital converter (ADC); low noise: low power and wide bandwidth ADC input drive circuitry; and: a very low drift ADC voltage reference and corresponding reference input drive circuitry.This design is well suited to applications which require low-latency: multi-channel:  data acqusition for multi-sensor measurements such as environmental (temperature: pressure: etc..): biopotential and power measurement.

  • Contains Theory: Component Selection: Simulation: Schematic: PCB Layout: and Measured Performance ResultsOptimized for 900ns (max) 16-bit step-input transient settling timePower:  21.5mW @ AVDD = 3.3VMeasured ENOB of 14.58 bitsUtilizes ADS8860 (16bit: 1Msps SAR ADC): OPA320 (Input Driver): THS4281 + OPA333 + REF5040 (Reference Driver)
  • Electronic warfare
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  • Data converters

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Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS8860 ADS8860 Buy Datasheet
OPA320 OPA320 Buy Datasheet
OPA333 OPA333 Buy Datasheet
REF5040 REF5040 Buy Datasheet
THS4281 THS4281 Buy Datasheet

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