TIPD149 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Power-optimized 16-bit 1MSPS Data Acquisition Block for Lowest Distortion and Noise Reference Design


This TI Verified Design is the realization of a high precision: 16-bit 1MSPS data acquisition system suitable for applications such as digital audio that require front-ends with very low distortion and noise. The circuit uses a high performance Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converter (SAR ADC) and has been optimized to provide superior dynamic performance: without excessive power consumption.

  • Verified Design Contains Theory: Component Selection: TINA-TI Simulation: Altium Schematics and PCB Layout: Measurement Results16 bit SAR ADC with 1MSPS sampling rate and full-scale input range (FSR) of 4.096VOptmized for AC performance:-110dB measured THD 91.6dB measured SNR Less than ±0.5LSB INL
  • Professional video camera
  • Routing & transport systems for broadcast
  • Production switchers & mixers for broadcast
  • Portable media player
Product Categories
  • Data converters


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