TIDEP0025 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Single Chip Drive for Industrial Communications and Motor Control


This TI design implements a hardware interface solution based on the HEIDENHAIN EnDat 2.2 standard for position or rotary encoders. The platform also allows designers to implement real-time EtherCAT communications standards in a broad range of industrial automation equipment. It enables designers with a low foot print: low power and single chip solution in applications such as industrial automation: factory automation or industrial communication.

  • Combining EtherCAT and EnDat provides the user with a single chip solution to bridge from motor control to higher level communications.EtherCAT conformance tested by EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG)The EnDat 2.2 interface improves the technical standard for motor control and reduces overall system cost.Combining EtherCAT and EnDat 2.2 on a single chip allows for more integration and a smaller footprint.Free ETG EtherCAT stack with free ETG membership. Compatible with other third party EtherCAT stacks.Free board support package and industrial software development kit from TI.Support other industrial communications with the same hardware (e.g.: PROFIBUS: Profinet: Ethernet/IP: and more).Based on Sitara AM437x Processor for Single Chip motor control applications and other embedded control and communications applications.Production Ready development platform sub-system which includes schematics: BOM: user guide: benchmarks: software: demos and more.
  • Door operator drive control
  • Processor module
Product Categories
  • Sitara processors


Part Number Name Companion Part
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SN74LVC1G00 SN74LVC1G00 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G04 SN74LVC1G04 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G07 SN74LVC1G07 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G08 SN74LVC1G08 Buy Datasheet
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TPS51200 TPS51200 Buy Datasheet
TPS5402 TPS5402 Buy Datasheet
TPS62362 TPS62362 Buy Datasheet
TXS0102 TXS0102 Buy Datasheet

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