TIDA-01081 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

LED-Lighting Control Reference Design for Machine Vision


This LED lighting control reference design demonstrates a unique approach to drive and control a string of multiple high-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This reference design is targeted for industrial machine vision systems and is also suitable for other industrial or automotive lighting applications. The design allows users to program LED current and timing to enable the safe overdriving of LEDs for increased brightness. The design can operate autonomously but can also be triggered or generate a trigger through an isolated interface. Internal circuit blocks support a wide input voltage range, a programmable input current, and input power control as well as protect against reverse polarity, overvoltage and overtemperature.

  • LED string voltage up to 24V
  • Programmability of multiple parameters: LED current: 200 mA to 2.4 A; LED mode: Continuous or pulsed 200 ns to 4.9 s; LED pulse repetition: 0.2 Hz to 10 kHz; Trigger delay time: 10 μs for trigger input; Multi-pulse time, and current bracketing to support AEB and HDR imaging
  • Cascaded dual power stages: Pre-Boost: Wide 8V to 36V, 15-W system input with adaptive inductor current limit; Buck: Fast inductor current ramping
  • Isolated trigger and UART interface: Isolated 5-V, 50-mA output; Sinking NPN– and TTL trigger IN and OUT
  • Comprehensive system supervision and protection: Onboard temperature sensors and voltage supervision; Ultra-fast output overvoltage protection
  • eFuse: Reverse protection, adaptive overcurrent limit, and input power limit
  • EEPROM for up to 256 bits of user data
  • Camera
  • Barcode Reader
  • Vision Computer
  • Motor Valves
Product Categories
  • Power Management


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Other Documents

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TIDA-01081 Gerber 15 Dec 2017 ZIP 1282
TIDA-01081 CAD Files 15 Dec 2017 ZIP 3673
TIDA-01081 PCB 15 Dec 2017 PDF 3989
TIDA-01081 Assembly Drawing 15 Dec 2017 PDF 583
TIDA-01081 BOM 15 Dec 2017 PDF 77
TIDA-01081 Schematic and Block Diagram 15 Dec 2017 PDF 2519
TIDA-01081 Software 13 Apr 2018 ZIP 454