TIDA-010041 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Nano power: wide VIN (12 V max) supervisor reference design used as comparator or power sequencer


This reference design highlights a versatile use case for a low-power reset IC and a watchdog timer. With less than 1-µA current consumption, the TPS3840 device can be configured to work either as a comparator (with simple 3-pin configuration) or as a universal power supply supervisor that can be daisychained as a sequencer. Additionally, the response and delay time can be configured using an external capacitor. For applications requiring a watchdog operation, the TPS3431 device, a stand-alone programmable watchdog timer with ±2.5% accuracy (typ) can be used.

  • Threshold detection (TPS3840): Self-powered threshold detector using a voltage supervisor as a comparator (with 3-pin configuration and no external power supply) - Very low quiescent current (<700 nA) architectures with a set threshold from 1.6 V–4.9 V in 0.1-V steps and fast power-on (<250-µs startup delay) with a user-controllable response time (80 µs to 600 ms using external capacitor)
  • Reset for power supply supervision and sequencing (TPS3840): Useful for multirail reset supervision and startup sequencing - Active low and active high configurations available with thresholds from 1.6 V–4.9 V and TD from 80 µs–600 ms
  • Watchdog timer (TPS3431): User-adjustable timer with enable pin and wide input range - Low current consumption (20 µA maximum) for watchdog function and user-configurable timeout using an external resistor and capacitor
  • Micro inverter
  • Fault indicator (FI)
  • Binary input module
  • Traffic monitoring camera
Product Categories
  • Power Management


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS3431SDRBR TPS3431SDRBR Buy Datasheet
TVS0500DRVR TVS0500DRVR Buy Datasheet
TVS1400DRVR TVS1400DRVR Buy Datasheet

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