Texas Instruments

Series: OPA320

Part Number: OPA320SAIDBVT


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DigiKey 2156-OPA320SAIDBVT-ND 0 $3.17 Buy
Mouser Electronics 595-OPA320SAIDBVT 4749 $3.00 Buy
Arrow North American Components OPA320SAIDBVT 0 $2.93 Buy
Quarktwin Electronic Components OPA320SAIDBVT 14339 $2.85 Buy
Win Source OPA320SAIDBVT 66260 Buy
Verical Marketplace OPA320SAIDBVT 95 $1.59 Buy
Texas Instruments OPA320SAIDBVT 16633 $2.53 Buy
AVNET Europe OPA320SAIDBVT * $1.87 Buy
Newark OPA320SAIDBVT 235 $3.62 Buy
AVNET Asia Pacific OPA320SAIDBVT $1.57 Buy
Farnell OPA320SAIDBVT 74 * $2.50 Buy
element14 APAC OPA320SAIDBVT 185 * $3.06 Buy
AVNET Express OPA320SAIDBVT 1550 $1.53 Buy

OP Amp Single GP R-R I/O ±2.75V/5.5V 6-Pin SOT-23 T/R


Analog Circuits

Name Category Published
High-current battery monitor circuit: 0–10A 0-10kHz 18 bit Data Converter 12/22/2017 Download
Single-ended to differential using a two op-amp circuit Data Converter 10/08/2018 Download
Difference amplifier (subtractor) circuit Amplifier 01/31/2019 Download
Powering a dual-supply op amp circuit with one LDO Data Converter 03/07/2019 Download
Charge pump circuit (–0.3V) for negative amplifier supply Data Converter 06/16/2019 Download
Noninverting circuit for high-to-low voltage level translation to drive ADC Data Converter 06/16/2019 Download
High-voltage battery monitor circuit: ±20V 0–10kHz 18-bit fully differential Data Converter 01/23/2019 Download
Circuit for differential output from a single-ended precision DAC Data Converter 01/28/2019 Download
Single-supply low-side unidirectional current-sensing solution with output swing to GND Amplifier 02/01/2019 Download